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Q: I'm writing a book and its divided based on personalities. But I heard from a friend that Divergent, is also divided like that. Can I be sued, or copyrighted. Should I startover?
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Are the major lithospheric plates bounded by diverging and converging boundaries?

They are divided by divergent, convergent AND transform boundaries.

What is the infinite limit of 1 divided by ln x divergent or convergent?

converges to zero (I think)

What is a good essay topic comparing Divergent The Giver and The Hunger Games?

You could discuss the advantages and disadvantages of societies being divided into different sections.

Which book is better Divergent or The Fault in Our Stars?

This is a matter of personal opinion but both books are very different. Divergent is the first book in a Dystopia trilogy where all inhabitants are divided into five different factions based on their aptitudes. The Fault in Our Stars is the story of two teenagers diagnosed with cancer who fall in love with each other.

What does it mean to be divergent in the book?

In the movie and book Divergent, everyone is divided into one of five factions that are based on human virtues - Candor (honest), Erudite (intelligent), Amity (peaceful), Abnegation (selfless), and Dauntless (brave). If one is Divergent, this means that they cannot be grouped into one specific faction because they represent more than one of the five virtues. If you can't be classified into one faction, then it makes your brain harder to control, which makes you dangerous to the people in charge.

How many chapters does Divergent by Veronica Roth have?

There are 39 chapters in Divergent. It's approximately 500 pages long. Divergent is a young adult novel about a girl named Beatrice living in dystopian Chicago where society has been divided into factions dedicated to various virtues. Every person must pick one group, and therefore virtue, to which they will dedicate the rest of their lives. Beatrice has trouble choosing and makes choices, goes through initiations, and makes and breaks friendships. This book is the first in Veronica Roth's four book series; it was made into a film in 2014 starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James.

Why is Beatrice so important in the book Divergent?

In Divergent, Beatrice is important partly because she is the narrator of the book, and it is her who tells the story, however if you mean inside the book, Tris is important because she is 'Divergent' which means she is equal in aptitude to more than one faction. In the book; the people are all divided into factions or groups; you pick your faction at 16. One of the factions is Abnegation, who wear grey and go against selfishness. Another is Amity, who wear yellow and red and value peace and kindness. Following that; there is Candor which values honestly, Dauntless who value bravery and Erudite who value intelligence. Most people in the story only fit into one faction, the Divergent however are considered dangerous because they can't be controlled and resist the simulations. Sorry about how long this is but hope it explains everything!

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divided by

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K divided by 21 divided by N is equivalent to divided by?

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The theory is the divergent boundary has words that we use in science class and i don't know the answer because i am asking this to google and this site came up sooo yea DONT USE ANSWERS OR WIKIPEDIA FOR HOMEWORK! Love ya, Shaquiqui

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