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Q: In 84 dart throws, Kaci scored 7 bull's eyes?
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Can 47 be scored with 1 dart?

No, 47 cannot be scored with one dart. You can get 45 (Triple 15), and 48 (Triple 16) in one dart but not 47

How accurate is a dart?

A dart can be only as accurate as the hand that throws it.

What is the smallest number that cannot be scored with 1 dart from 1 to 20?

None. All numbers from 1 to 20 can be scored with one dart.

What are male poison dart frogs called?


What number is located in the center of a dart board?

The number located in the center of the dart board, or more commonly known as the "bulls eye" is worth a total of 50 points. As for the outer part of the bulls eye, it is worth 25 points if a dart were to land there.

What does the dart athlete in the Zoosk commercial yell when he throws the dart?

MOUNTAINTOP!(Actor = Steve Olson)

What do you call a person who throws darts?

Dart thrower?

How many numbers are there on a dart board excluding the bulls eyes?


How many numbers is there on a dart board excluding the bulls eye?


What is the smallest number that cannot be scored with 1 dart on a standard dart board not including 0 or 1?


On a standard dart board which is the lowest score you cannot get with 1 dart?

23 is the lowest number you cannot score with one dart, the rest ( 1 to 22 ) can all be scored with one dart.

50 is b e on a d b?

50 is Bulls Eye on a Dart Board

How high is the dart board bullseye?

The center of the bulls eye is 5' 8" from the floor.

Why Excluding the bulls-eyes how many numbers are on the dart board?

Excluding the bulls-eyes, the numbers are one through to twenty (twenty numbers in total).

Which scores between 1 and 60 cannot be scored with one dart?


How do you throw a dart?

Hold the middle of the arrow holding and aiming for the bulls eye. throw it as hard as you can.

What time Is next open on Thursday?

Brian throws a dart at a calendar of February 40 times and hits Thursday 12 times. what is the experimental probability of the dart Not landing on Thursday?

How many points does a darts player score from throwing three dart into the small ring surrounding the bulls eye?


Mindy scored 100 points on the dart board how many darts did she throw and where did hey land?


How high does a dart board need to be from the floor?

from the floor to centre bulls eyes it is 5 feet 8 inches or 173 centimetres

What two possible combinations if his last dart throw was double bulls-eye?

t6-d20 t8-d17

What is the smallest number that cannot be scored with 2 darts on a standard dart board not including 0 or 1?

It's 103

What place do you aim the dart on cryptids island?

Aim at the bulls-eye of the target.You click once to pick up the dart. Position it over the bulls-eye and click and hold to create your aim point (X) and then pull back on your mouse. You see this as the dart going lower. When it is about half the width of the board directly below your X, release the mouse button and it should fly up to the area of the X.

What equals a bull-eye in the game of Darts?

The term bulls-eye refers to the act of hiting the center area of the board with a dart. Resulting in many points for the player

How do you throw darts pub cryptid island?

If you plan on getting a bulls eye, then aim a little off and pull back on the dart and let go.