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Q: In the given word ‘ETHICAL’ which alphabets show rotational symmetry of order 2?
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How do you sketch a figure with rotational symmetry but no line symmetry?

When a shape is rotated about its centre, if it comes to rest in a position and looks exactly like the original, then it has rotational symmetry. A shape like an equilateral triangle would therefore have an order of rotational symmetry of 3. The general rule for a regular polygon (shapes such as pentagons, heptagons, octagons etc. is, that the number of sides is the same as the number of lines of symmetry, which is also the same as the rotational symmetry order). This means that a regular hexagon has 6 sides, 6 lines of symmetry and an order of rotational symmetry of 6. Following from this, then a square, which is a regular polygon, has 4 sides, 4 lines of symmetry and an order of rotational symmetry of 4. If a shape has rotational symmetry, it must have either line symmetry or point symmetry or both. For example, a five pointed star has 5 lines of symmetry and rotational symmetry of order 5, but does not have point symmetry. A parallelogram has no line of symmetry, but has rotational symmetry of order 2 and also point symmetry. Only a shape which has line symmetry or point symmetry can have rotational symmetry. When there is point symmetry and also rotational symmetry, the order of the latter is even. For example, the letter 'S' has rotational symmetry of order 2, the regular hexagon of order 6. On this basis, we would suggest that the letter 'F' does not have a rotational symmetry order as it does not have either line symmetry or point symmetry. It doesn't have a centre around which you could rotate it. Sounds weird, but given the definitions, we think this is the case.

Explain the symmetry of greek architecture?

symmetry was always existing but given a thought later

How could you use symmetry to find side lengths and angle measures of a geometric figure?

The answer will depend on the figure, the type(s) of symmetry and what information about is is given.

What are the types of symmetry on a flat plane?

Rotational symmetry, such as rotating an n-sided regular polygon through angles of 360k/n degrees (2kPI/n radians) about the centre (k is an integer) Reflectional symmetry, where each point perpendicular to a given axis of symmetry at a distance D say, is reflected to the other side of the axis at the point again a distance D from the axis. Translational symmetry. The best examples of such symmetries are sine or cosine curves which are translated a distance 360k degrees (2PI radians) along the x-axis. Tiling patterns are other examples All other types of symmetries in the plane are compositions of the above three.

The language with most alphabets is?

Generally speaking, no language uses more than 1 alphabet at any given time in its history. Rare exceptions occur where there are political divisions, such as Serbo-Croatian (which is the same language written with 2 different alphabets).

What does symmetry balance mean?

Symmetry balance occurs when both sides of a given arrangement are equal. The object is in balance and the same number of items are on each side.

What is the definition on ethical standards?

Ethical standards can be described as the rules of acceptable conduct within a society at a given time. They are never universal and are always changing.

What is the name of the slow slide of soil and debris downhill in the shape of a spoon?

A rotational landslide (or just rotational slide) is the term usually given to what the USGS calls "A landslide on which the surface of rupture is curved upward (spoon-shaped) and the slide movement is more or less rotational about an axis that is parallel to the contour of the slope."

Which figure shows an example of symmetry?

We don't have the item you were given so can't give an answer.

What is the meaning of literary piece?

The meaning of literary piece refers to the work of a given writer. It also refers to anything that has bee expressed in letters or alphabets.

Why isn't any other shapes beside a circle have infinitie symmetry lines?

only spheres take up all the given points in a given space

What rotation symmetry does a regular nonagon have?

it has...well i dont know yet becuase you havent yet given me a answer

Was the asch conformity experiment ethical?

Unless you count making the participants feel traumatized by the fact that they didn't get correct length of the lines, I think it's ethical. Of course de-briefing statement has to be given if you intend to replicate the design.

What constitutes ethical behavior?

Ethical behavior is acting in a respectful way regarding basic moral principles like: equality, fairness, honesty, integrity, and respecting the dignity, diversity and rights of other people. In essence, ethical behavior is integrity of actions in any given situation, as much when no one is looking as when the one has an audience.

At a given rotational speed how does linear speed change its distance from the axis changes?

In The Center Of The Rotating Platform Right At Its Axis You Have No Linear Speed At All, But You Do Have Rotational Speed. Your Rotational Speed would Stay The Same But As You Move Away From The Center Your Linear Speed Gets Faster And Faster. If You Move Twice As Much From The Center Your Linear (Tangential) Speed Would Also Be Twice as Much

What shape has two right angles one set of parallel sides no lines of symmetry?

The description given fits that of a trapezoid

What is ethical conduct of human behavior?

Ethics deal with what is right and wrong in a given society. For Human beings, generally, there is ethical behaviour which is the respect for humanity in general. When we respect humanity, we will not be in conflict with societal norms such as not steal, not kill, be honest etc.

What represents the force that is exerted upon a unit north pole at any given point?

The force represents the ratio between the rotational work and the radius of rotation.

Which group of fish may have given rise to amphibians?

Lobe-finned fishes are though to have given rise to amphibians. This is due to the body plan and body symmetry of the fish, which is very similar to that of an amphibian.

How do you know how many lines of symmetry there would be in any given regular pentogon.?

In any regular polygon with an odd number of sides, a straight line from a vertex to the mid-point of the opposite side is a line of symmetry. So, for a pentagon, the answer is 5.

How do you define actinomorphic flower?

The actinomorphic flower is basically a floral symmetry that describes how a given flower can be divided into mirror image parts.

What is physical significance of moment of inertia?

moment of inertia is the rotational equivalent of mass. it is given by I= Mk2 moment of inertia in rotational motion play the same role as mass in linear motion, that is in linear motion f = ma while in rotation, torque= I*Angular acceleration where I is the moment of inertia

Is it possible for two binary stars to come together?

Yes. In fact they will, given enough time, due to rotational energy being lost through gravitational waves.

How many lines can be drawn through a given point on a circle that is tangent to the circle?

Infinite lines because a circle has infinite lines of symmetry.

What shape has no symmetry line and acute angle?

A scalene triangle would fit the given description if it has 3 different acute angles that add up to 180 degrees.

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