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You will roll 600 times, of course!

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Q: In 600 rolls predict how many times you will roll?
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If you roll a die 300 times how many times would you expect to get a 5?

If George rolls the die 300 times, how many fives will he roll?

How many rolls in California rolls?

There are about 200 calories in a California roll.

If you roll a die 30 times how many times should you expect to roll a number less than 3?

The expected number of rolls under 3 is the number of rolls times the probability of rolling less than 3. So: E(rolls less than 3 out of 30) = 30 * 1/3 = 30/3 = 10

Why Based on the experimental probability predict the number of times that you will roll a 5 if you roll the number cube 300 times.?

The expectation is 50 times.

You roll a number cube 150 times about how many times would you expect to roll 3?

Possible outcomes of one roll = 6Successful outcomes = 1Probability of success on each roll = 1/6Expectation in 150 rolls = (1/6) x (150) = 25 times

If i roll a die 90 times how many times can i expect to roll a 6?

pr(six) = 1/6 → expected 6s in 90 rolls = 1/6 × 90 = 15

How many single rolls equal a double roll?


If you roll a dice 60 times what is the probability that you will roll a 4?

Pr(You roll a four in 60 rolls) = 1 - Prob(No fours in 60 rolls) = 1 - [Prob(Not 4 in a roll)]60 = 1 - (5/6)60 = 0.999982 ie 99.9982 per cent

How many calories in California rolls?

There are about 200 calories in a California roll.

How many sheets are in a paper towel roll?

The number of sheets on a paper towel roll varies greatly. On average, most standard rolls have 50-80 sheets/roll, however jumbo rolls can contain 100+ sheets. Many brands are now offering "pick a size" rolls that have on average of 150 sheets/roll.

How may time can you expected to roll a 4out of 18 rolls on a six sided sides?

Three times.

How many calories are in tootsie rolls?

There are 140 calories in an original Tootsie Roll.