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Q: In a 12-hour period of time how many more minutes is at least one 1 displayed than at least on 9?
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Can restasis eye drops gentamicin drops be used at the same time?

Yes they can, but a period of at least 15 minutes between the drops is advisable

I'll run and get Sally and distract her for at least 45 minutes in the interim you get the guests ready for the surprise party?

A time period between one event and another.

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At least 30 minutes.

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At least 10 minutes. At least.

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What period is least dense on the periodic table?

Lithium is the metal with the least density. It is in the 1st period. The density of it is 0.53gm-3.

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3 minutes at most, 2 minutes at the least

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Can data within a cell be displayed and rotated to draw attention to the data?

No. I am positive at least on the latest version I have you cannot.

When making a long trip you should stop for a rest every how many hours?

IT is no so much the miles you have gone but the time you have spent driving.1) If you are feeling tired at ANY TIME you MUST stop or you will fall asleep at the wheel.2) For professional drivers (those paid to drive trucks or people for a living) most countries have laws regarding how long they can drive which require a break or breaks totalling at least 45 minutes after no more than 4 hours 30 minutes driving. Further, a driver who begins work at 06.00 on day 1 must, by 06.00 on day 2 at the latest, have completed either:a regular daily rest period of at least 11 hours; (A continuous period of at least 11 hours' rest.) ora split regular daily rest period of at least 12 hours; (A regular rest taken in two separate periods - the first at least 3 hours, and the second at least 9 hours.) orif entitled, a reduced daily rest period of at least 9 hours. (A continuous rest period of at least 9 hours but less than 11 hours.)

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