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Q: In a reflection along the x axis a given coordinate 2 -1 transforms itself into?
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What are the projections of a vector along the axes of a coordinate system?

A tangent of the vector is the projection of a vector along the axes of a coordinate system.

What is an abscissa?

An abscissa is the coordinate representing the position of a point along a line perpendicular to the y-axis in a plane Cartesian coordinate system.

Can you add three unit vectors to get a unit vector does your answer change if two unit vectors are along the coordinate axes?

Yes., and their being along the coordinate axes does not change the answer.Consider the vectors: i, -i and j where i is the unit vector along the x axis and j along the y axis. The resultant of the three is j.

Is glide reflection equivalent to two reflections across two vertical lines?

No. Glide reflection is a combination of an ordinary reflection and a slide along the line of reflection. A two reflections across two vertical lines is a translation without any reflection or rotation.

Modes for propagating light along optical channels?

Angle of reflection

What is the definition of x coordinate?

In the system of Cartesian coordinates in geometry, the x-coordinate is the location in the horizontal direction (nominally left and right) while the y-coordinate is in the vertical direction (up and down). The line along which x values are measured is the x-axis. An x-coordinate to the left of center (zero) is negative, and to the right is positive. (In three dimensions, the x and y form a horizontal plane and the z coordinate is measured along the vertical axis.)

What are glide reflection and rotational transformations?

A glide reflection is a combination of a reflection in a line and a translation along that line. This can be done in either order. A rotational transformation is a rotation around a fixed point or axis.

What does the math term x-coordinate mean?

The horizontal value in a pair of coordinates: how far along the point is.

What coordinate is used to locate points on grids?

Not a coordinate but a pair (or larger set) of coordinates.These are ordered sets of numbers that give the distance of the point, from the origin, along each of the axes in multidimensional space.

What phenomenon is taking place when sound waves are reflection from a surface along parallel lines?


What is glide symmetry?

A glide reflection is a combination of translation along some line and reflection in the line. Human footprints are a good example. Glide symmetry is another way to refer to it.

What is used to locate points in the coordinate plane?

The x and y displacement from the origin along standard orthogonal axes