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The opposite side of the right angle in a triange is the hypotenuse.

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Q: In a right triangle what do you call the side opposite of the right angle?
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What do you call The side of a rigth triangle opposite the right angle?

It is the hypotenuse or longest side

What do you call A triangle with a 90 degrees angle?

Any triangle with a 90 degree angle is called a right triangle.

In a right triangle the base is always longest of the 3 sides?

No. It depends what you call "base", really. The longest side is opposite the right angle.

What is do you call a triangle with a 90 degrees angle?

A triangle with a 90 degree angle and two acute angles is a right angle triangle.

What you call a triangle where one angle id 90 and none of the sides are the same?

It is simply a right angle triangle but if the sides were the same then it is an isoceles right angle triangle

What do you call a triangle that has no equal sides?

If it's not a right angle triangle then it is a scalene triangle.

Why do they call a triangle a right triangle?

right angle=90 degrees and a right triangle has one side of it that forms a 90 degree for the naming "right" don't know but it refers to 90 degree angle

What do you call longest side of right triangle?

The longest side a right angle triangle is its hypotenuse

What do you call the bottom of a triangle?

Its base or adjacent side if it's a right angle triangle.

What is the relationship among a right triangle?

There is the Pythagorean relationship between the side lengths. Given a right triangle with sides a, b, & c : Sides a & b are adjacent to the right angle, and side c is opposite the right angle, and this side is called the hypotenuse. Side c is always the longest side, and can be found by c2 = a2 + b2 The 2 angles (which are not the right angle) will add up to 90° Given one of those angles (call it A), then sin(A) = (opposite)/(hypotenuse) {which is the length of the side opposite of angle A, divided by the length of the hypotenuse} cos(A) = (adjacent)/(hypotenuse), and tan(A) = (opposite)/(adjacent).

What do you call a triangle containing one obtuse angle?

A triangle containing an obtuse angle is an obtuse triangle.

What do you call a triangle with two congruent sides and an 145 degree angle?

An isosceles triangle