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The algebraic expression is: 268+v

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Q: In algebraic form what is 268 plus v?
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V plus 6 - 10?


What is the algebraic expression for 11 decreased by the quotient of you and v?


What is the algebraic expression of a number v increased by 6?

v + 6

What is the answer for v v vwhat is the answer for v plus v plus vwhat is the anwer for v plus v plus v?

what the supreme court case held: moody v. daggett

Write or algebraic expression for v less than two thousand forty-seven?


What is -18-34v3?

It is an algebraic expression involving the variable, v.

What is a dual of boolean expression?

In a boolean algebraic expression if the ^ is replaced by v and v replaced by ^ then that becomes dual of that boolean expression.

What Is v in v plus 1 equals 2v plus 2?

v = -1

What is the algebraic expression for the sum of 15 and the product of 5 and v?

It is: 15+5v

What is the algebraic expression of four more than half a value?

V/2 + 4

What is the factored form of 6x plus 6v plus 1?

6x + 6v + 1 =6 (x + v) + 1

The volume (v) of a sphere varies directly as the cube of its diameter (d). Write this statement in algebraic language using an equation with the variables c v and d.?

v = c*d^3

6 3v plus w?

The simple form for the equation 6 = 3v + w is 3(v-2) + w = 0.

Which binomial is a factor of v squared plus 36v plus 99?

v2+36v+99 = (v+3)(v+33) when factored

What is the answer using distributive property -3 plus v plus 4x-2?

v + 4x - 5

76 plus v plus 24 equals 125?

76+v+24 = 125 v = 125 -76-24 v = 25

What is v plus 37?

That depends what the value of v is.

What is -21-13 plus v?

It is -34 + v.

What does VLVII mean in standard form?

anything to the right of L means add....and L means 50, V means 5, I means 1, and anything to the left of the largest number means subtract. Hence, 50 plus five plus one plus one equals 57...minus five (V is left of L) so 52 is the answer.

What is the answer v plus XL plus xlv?

The sum of the Roman numerals: V+XL+XLV = XC (90)

What is 20 plus v for v equals 7?


How do you solve v plus 711?

That depends what the value of v is.

-9-6 -v plus 5?

It is -10 - v

Move you stick to make each Roman Numerals equation true- V plus IV equals XI?

V plus VI Equals XI OR V Plus IV Equals IX

What has the author V D Goppa written?

V. D. Goppa has written: 'Geometry and codes' -- subject(s): Algebraic Geometry, Error-correcting codes (Information theory)