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Q: In all there are a staggering blank donations?
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Where do toys for tots donations go to?

Toys for Tots donations go first to the Marines for sorting and organization. Then all donations of toys go on to children in need from ages 0 to 18. All monetary donations are handled by the Toys for Tots charity and dispersed as needed.

Is it correct to say Mt. Hebron Missionary Society requests that all donations for thanksgiving donations are placed here?

It is better to say, "Mt. Hebron Missionary Society requests that all donations for Thanksgiving be placed here.""Thanksgiving" is a proper noun, the name of a holiday, and therefore should begin with a capital letter; the clause "all donations for Thanksgiving be placed here" expresses a request* and therefore should have a verb in the imperative mood, which for the verb "to be" is "be" rather than "are"; and "donations for Thanksgiving donations" uneuphoniously repeats the word "donations".*The request is to an implied second person pronoun,"you", in a hypothetical sentence, "Place all Thanksgiving donations here". This hypothetical sentence is the equivalent, in the active voice, of the clause "all donations for Thanksgiving be placed here", which is in the passive voice.

Does salvation army accept used toy donations?

Yes the Salvation Army accepts all donations clothing, furniture, electronics, toys, monetary and volunteer donations

Sentence with the word staggering?

The vastness of outer space is staggering

Are donations tacky for a gift?

It's not at all tacky. In fact, there's a longstanding tradition of charitable donations during baptisms.

When was Staggering Heights created?

Staggering Heights was created in 1983-07.

Which charities accept donations of cars?

There are many charities which one accept cars as donations. In Canada, the Accessible Housing Society, Bullying Canada, and the Canadian Cancer Society all accept cars for donations.

What is a sentence for staggering?

This biplane only looks odd because of the staggered arrangement of wings. The heavy load staggered the poor donkey, but he carried on famously.

Is there anywhere to take my donations of cars, clothes, and old jewelery in Connecticut? lists all of the available organizations that accept donations in Connecticut

When was A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius created?

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius was created in 2000.

What are some popular websites online that accepts donations?

Practically all charitable organizations like WWF and the SFLC can accept donations. Most open source software projects also accept donations to cover their hosting expenses.

What foundation supports the purple heart car donations?

There are many companies that support purple heart car donations. Almost all of the major car manufacturer's support the purple hear car donations like Ford and Toyota.