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Q: In figure 1-2 what is the approximate difference in elevation between point e and d?
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Take the elevation from an upstream point on the river and the elevation from a point downstream on the river. Calculate the difference in the two elevations. Measure the distance between the two points by tracing the path of the river. Divide the difference in the two elevations by the distance between the two points in order to get the slope of the river, or the river gradient.

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Those lines representing elevation on a map are called contour lines. The difference in elevation between two of these lines is called the contour interval. Different maps use different contour intervals based on the scale of the map, or in other words, the size of the contour interval is based on how zoomed in and detailed the map is. Sometimes a map will have darker and thicker contour intervals. This is called the Index Contour Interval. Index contour intervals appear less frequently and represent a larger elevation change. It helps you figure out the amount of a large elevation difference faster because usually they are multiples of 100 or 1000, making them easier to add up.