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one quarter

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Q: In math what is one half of one half?
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What is one - half minus one - half in math?

0 1.5-1.5=0

What is one and one half divided by one over 4?

One half divided by four equals 2. This is considered a math problem.

How many cups in one and a half ounces?

you will have to mesure that by hand there is no math for that

What does 1 8Th in math mean?

It is one out of eight parts. It is a half of a half of a half. It is one out of eight parts. It is a half of a half of a half. It is one out of eight parts. It is a half of a half of a half. It is one out of eight parts. It is a half of a half of a half.

Does one eighth tablespoon equal one half teaspoon?

You need to study basic math ! - A half is 2 parts of anything, an eighth is one of 8 parts.

How many secounds are in 1 and a half minutes?

One minute has 60 seconds. Do the math.

When do you use decimals in math?

Decimals are used when representing numbers that are not whole. Such as 1.5, which equals one and one half.

What is half of 656?

In math half of the number 656 is the number 328. To determine half of a number in math you can divide the number by two for your answer by longhand or by using a calculator.

Twenty six weeks is this part of a year?

half? Not sure it is half. it was a answer to one of my crossword puzzles for math.

How can you use math to make a half batch of something?

You just take the amount that it tells you to, and divide it in half. Dividing it in half is using math. Pretty much you use half of everything in the recipe.

What is 78 and one half percent as a decimal?

I had this question in my math homework yesterday. LOL. The answer is: 0.78

How do you compute a half triangle?


What is half of 144 in math?


What is the half of 348 in math?


What is the half of 940 in math?


What is the half of 5328 in math?


Which is more 3 quarters of a tank or one half?

Poor math. A half is two thirds of three cuarters as a half dollar is less than 75 cents. GOOD LUCK.

Problem solver in math. Show how one half of five is four?

1/2 of 5 = 2.5

How much is one and one half cups in ounces?

One cup = 8 ounces; thus, 1/2 cup = 4 ounces. You get to do the math! :)

What part of the cerebrum processes math?

The left half of the cerebrum is the part which processes math.

If half the school is bad at English and half are bad at History what is the other half bad at?

Math! lol.

What is a hemisphere in math terms?

Half of a sphere

How is 7 half of 12?

If you are bad at math it is.

What are some math tricks?

A brick weighs one kilogramme plus half-a-brick. What is its weight?

What is halving in math?

Halving in math or anywhere else is cutting things in half, dividing by two.