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its mean the opposite

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Q: In maths what does inverse mean?
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How to find the mean in maths?


What is the inverse of -7 plus 5?

It depends on whether you mean additive inverse or multiplicative inverse.

What does inverse mean in arithmetic?

"opposite" operation. The inverse of subtraction is addition; the inverse operation of multiplication is division.

What does inverse mean in math?

The inverse operation is just the opposite operation, for example addition is the inverse of subtraction, and vice verso

What is mean of product plus or minus in maths?

The product in Maths is a number that you get by adding or deducting the numbers. Plus, or Minus is an important part of maths. Learning and understanding how to find the product in maths is an important foundation for developing their skills in maths.

Does inverse mean opposite?

no, it means 1 divided by the number inverse of 5 is 1/5 inverse of x = 1/x

What does inverse property in multiplication mean?

Some one please tell me what inverse property is!!

What does the word inverse mean in math terms?

Mathematically, an inverse is an opposite, it is something that reverses what its inverse does, for example, addition and subtraction are inverse functions, as are multiplication and division. The inverse of a fraction is obtained by exchanging numerator and denominator; the inverse of a half is two.

Does multiplicative inverse mean opposite?


What can undo operations?

Inverse functions? (not sure what you mean)

What pick inverse voltage?

You mean peak inverse voltage.It is the maximum voltage (peak) the diode can be reversed biased (inverse) by without being destroyed.

How do you find the opposite of a decimal number?

The answer depends on what you mean by "opposite": whether it is the additive inverse or the multiplicative inverse.

How do you find a variable in a matrix if there is no inverse?

The fact that the matrix does not have an inverse does not necessarily mean that none of the variables can be found.

What is the inverse of y 2x8?

do you mean y = 2x + 8 ? the inverse is y = (x - 8)/2

How are a number and its opposite represented on a number line?

The answer will depend on what you mean by "opposite": the additive inverse or the multiplicative inverse.

What is the inverse of operation mean?

It is a second operation that "undoes" the first.For example, the inverse of "add 2" is "subtract 2";the inverse of "divide by 7" is "multiply by 7";the inverse of "take the reciprocal" is "take the reciprocal".

What does the word inverse mean in math?

The opposite of

What does inverse property of subtraction mean?


What is the sum of an integer and its opposite?

If by "opposite" you mean its additive inverse, the answer is 0. If by "opposite" you mean its multiplicative inverse, for the number x, it will be (x+1/x).

What does epression mean in maths?

A expression in maths is a collection of terms without an equality sign.

What is a maths quotient mean?


What does this symbol mean in maths?

What symbol

What does intersect mean in maths?

humairaa is the answer

What does times mean in maths?


What does poprtion mean in maths?

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