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There are 13 boys and 27 students (13 boys and 14 girls, 27 students total) in the class, so the ration is 13 to 27. Since this ratio cannot be reduced any further, the answer is simply 13:27.
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Q: In ms vinceguerra's classther are 13 boys and 14 girls what is the ratio of the boys to the number of students in the class?
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How does class size affect learning?

the number of students in a class to the number of teachers affects the student to teacher ratio. the number of students should be low just so the students that need personal instruction get it.

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25% if 13 is a fractional number. You cannot have a fractional number of students.

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This information tells us that (248/x) = (62/100) , by the definition of percentage. Thus x = 248*(100/62) = 400 so there are 400 students in the class.

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8 obviously

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It is a class of students

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The noun class is a collective noun for a group of pupils (students).

There are 10 students receiving honors credit in a class. This number is exactly 20 percent of the total number of students in the class. How many students are in the class?

Here are 10 students getting honors credits in a class, and they make up 20% of the class. How do we find the number of students in the class? Let's look. We have a class, and 20% of the class are getting honors credit, and that turns out to be 10 students. Now we can generate a formula that we can use to discover our answer. Let's assign letters to the things we know or are finding out. Nclass = number of students in the class. Nhonors = number of honors students in the class. And Nhonors = 10 students. Nclass x 20% = 10 students 20% = 20/100ths (because % = hundredths) or 0.20 or just 0.2 for simplicity. Nclass x .2 = 10 students Now divide both sides by .2 so the .2 will cancel out (or drop out) on the left side of the equation and we'll have isolated the answer we are looking for, which is Nclass. Nclass = 10 students divided by .2 Nclass = 10/.2 students = 50 students There are 50 students in the class. As .2 equals 2/10 or 1/5, we can find 1/5th of 50 just by thinking about it to check our work. And 1/5th of 50 equals 10, which is in agreement with the information we were given in the problem.

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