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Working the exponents or roots is first in the order of operations.

You do those even before multiplication or division.

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Q: In order of operations what do you do when you have exponents on both sides?
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When you perform the same operations on both sides of the equation the equation stays in what?

The equation remains in 'balance'

Who do you Rearrange equations?

The basic principle is that (with some caveats for certain operations) you can apply the SAME operation to both sides of an equation. For instance, you can add the same number to both sides, divide both sides by the same number (watching out that you don't accidentally divide by zero), take the square root on both sides, etc.

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How do you solve algebraic equations with letters on both sides of the equation?

You do operations to get them all on one side. Eg 5x = 7y, you would divide both sides by (y) and end up with 5x/y = 7

What operations would you do to both sides of the equation to solve it 8x plus 7 equals 5x plus 28?

8x + 7 = 5x + 28 subtract 5x and 7 to both sides 3x = 21 divide by 3 to both sides x = 7

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Isolate the variable

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What operations could you perform on both sides of the given equation to solve it?

normally when people say "which of the following" there are actually choices following it below...

How do you solve 10x plus 3 equals 15?

In this case, we are solving backwards to find the value of 3. We must reverse the order of operations to solve for x since we are working backwards. subtract 3 from both sides of the equation. this will leave us with 10x = 12. Then, we can divide both sides by 10, and we will be left with 12/10. The main goal of solving for x is to isolate x. We want x to be on one side of the equation all by itself. Think of equations like a balance bean. If we take 3 away from both sides, the balance will still weigh the same on both sides. Then, if we divide 10 by both sides, the balance will still weigh the same on both sides again because its done to both sides of the equation. Aside from when you are simplifying one side of the equation for simplicity, what you do to one side of the equation you must do to the other.

What is the definition of order of operations?

The definition of order of operations is to use the P.E.M.D.A.S.strategy. P.E.M.D.A.S. means Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Adding, Subtracting. You have to use them in order. If there are no parentheses, see if there are any exponents if not move on to the next letter. HERE IS AN EXAMPLE. You use these operations and use them in order. That is why it is called order of operations(30-3) / 3=9I subtracted what was in the parentheses which was 27 then I divided it by 3. Three times 9 equals 27, so the answer was 9. Also, if there is multiplication or division or even both, do multiplication first. If there is just division do that first then just go by the order. HERE IS AN EXAMPLE3+17*5=88i did the multiplication first which was 17*5 and I got 85 + 3 and my answer was 88.----------The order of operations is an order in which you do operations (i.e. Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction). PEMDAS is a good way to remember the order, but for multiplication & division as well as addition & subtraction, it doesn't matter if division comes before multiplication or subtraction comes before addition, as long as you are doing the problem from left to right for multiplication & division and left to rightfor addition and subtraction.For example:2 x 6 + 3 x 2 / 3 - 2 + 14First you'd do 2 x 6, which is 12, and then 3 x 2, which is 6. 6 divided by 3 is 2. Then you have to go back and add 2 to 12, as we skipped over the addition sign between the 6 and 3 to begin with. 2 + 12 is 14. Subtract 2 and you get 12, and add 14 and you get 26. This got a little messy, as you have to hop around to get all the operations done in order, but the order of operations requires you to do the operations this way. 26 would be your correct answer.

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You need to get x by itself by performing the same operations on both sides of the equation 7x - 8 = 3x + 12 add 8 to BOTH sides 7x = 3x + 20 subtract 3x from BOTH sides 4x = 20 divide BOTH sides by 4 x = 5

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How do you solve 2s-19 equals 29 in equations?

First, add 19 on both sides. You end up with 2s = 48. Then divide both sides by 2 in order to isolate the 's'. You get s = 24.