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Republicans or Democrats

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Q: In terms of party identification about two-thirds of adults call themselves what?
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What is party identification?

This term probably refers to the Political party that you identify with or the one you support. If you like the Republican party, then you will support their candidate and you can say that is your party identification or affiliation.

A psychological tie to a political party is the definition of?

party identification.

The loyalty that people have to one party is called?

party identification

What does party identification mean?

THe sensce of belonging to one or another party.............):

People who are strongly loyal to a given party have strong?

Party identification

What is partisan identification?

Someone's partisan identification refers to the political party that person identifies with. In the U.S., the two main political parties are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

What is dick cheney party identification?


How are party identification and straight-ticket voting related?

Party identification and straight-ticket voting are related because they each only vote for one single party. They don't stray to the other party for any reason.

How are party identification and straight -ticket voting related?

Party identification and straight-ticket voting are related because they each only vote for one single party. They don't stray to the other party for any reason.

Which type of voting often results from strong loyalty to a political party?

party identification

There will be 12 adults and 32 children at the party how many people will there be in all?

If there are 12 adults and 32 children at a party, then it means that there will be a total of 44 people in the party.

Is a Frech maid costume to racey for a party?

Not for a party with adults only.

In recent years the impact of party identification has?

decreased somewhat.

What is the most reliable predictor of how a person will vote?

Party identification

What is the most important force affecting US elections?

party identification

How has the influence of party identification on voting changed since the 1950s?


What does the term Party Identification mean?

Party identification means that an individual agrees with the stated policies of a particular political party. In many nations this identification, if strong enough requires a voter to declare an affiliation with a party if i that nation, nominees are decided by voting results from members of the party in question. With that said, many if not most voters chose to be "independent" and therefore have the freedom to act on their own political beliefs and are free from political party registrations.

What is the relationship between party identification and straight-ticket voting?

The relationship between party identification and voting a straight ticket is the fact that people generally only vote for people in their party. With this method, they could vote for someone they don't agree with.

Explain how party identification develops and how it affects the way individuals vote?

The role of issues varies, however, depending on such things such as the emotional content of the issues themselves, the voters' awareness of them, and the ways in which they are presented to the electorate.

What is the single biggest factor accounting for how people decide to vote?

Party Identification

What are some examples of party identification trends?

one reason is because there the system.

Among the following categories, which factor had the strongest influence on party identification?


What did The Bolsheviks rename themselves?

The Bolsheviks renamed themselves the Communist Party.

Do you take a gift to an adult birthday party?

Gifts are not mandatory for the birthday party of an adult. Adults are in a better position to buy things for themselves, than children are. If there is something you would particularly like to give to the birthday celebrant, you are free to do so, but it is not required.

What is a party in electorate?

This is a group of members who see themselves loyal to the party.