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Q: In the U.S. hat size is roughly measured by dividing your head's circumference in inches by what?
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What is the circumference of the earth in inches?

== == Given that the circumference of the earth is 40,075.02 km (measured at the equator) the circumference in inches is roughly 1,577,756,664 inches.

If a circle measures 83 inches in circumference what is the diameter?

If a circle measures 83 inches in circumference the diameter is: about 26.42 inches. You can easily do this calculation for other circles by dividing the circumference by Pi (about 3.1416).

What is the circumference of circle with radius 15 inches?

30 pi = roughly 94.25 inches (rounded)

What is the circumference of a circle if its radius is 5 inches?

C=2(3.14)(5), which equals roughly 31.4. The circumference would be around 31.4 inches.

What is the diameter of a circle with a circumference of 4.5 inches?

The diameter of a circle is found by dividing the circumference by pi (π). So, if the circumference of the circle is 4.5 inches, then the diameter would be 4.5 inches divided by pi (approximately 3.14), which is approximately 1.43 inches.

Diameter is 2.5 inches what is circumference?

To get the circumference of a circle, the equation is pi * diameter. So, in this case, it is 2.5 * pi (3.14), or roughly 7.85. So, the circumference of the circle is about 7.85 inches.

The circumference of a tennis ball is 8.2 inches what is the diameter?

Roughly 25.76 in. at its closest estimate.

How long is mandingo's cock?

Looks to be roughly 10 inches in length. Maybe between 6-7 inches in circumference.

What is the radius of a circle with the circumference of 14.13 sq in?

The circumference is a length and cannot be measured in square inches. Either you meant circumference of 14.13 inches or area of 14.13 sq inches or something else. I cannot guess what and so the question is flawed to the extent that it has no meaningful answer.

How do you find the circumference with a diameter of 5 inches?

Circumference = radius times pi you can find the radius by dividing the diameter in half and multiplying that by 3.14 In this case it'd be 2.5 x 3.14 = circumference

John Cena biceps size?

John Cena's biceps are thought to be about 23 inches in circumference. His chest has been measured at about 50 inches.

How far will a wheel turn with a radius of 25 inches?

Assuming what you're asking is for the circumference (distance around the entire wheel) the formula is r*2*pi. In this case the circumference is roughly 157 inches.