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Volume is measured in cubic units.

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How do you measure the volume of a key?

Place a key in a measured amount of water, an the amount of water it displaces is an amount equal to the volume of the key.

What does volume mean and capacity?

well both of it means different things and volume is the amount of space and measured in m3 and cm3 the 3 means cube because it is measured in cubesentermeater and capacity is the amount of liquid the can hole a container and it is measured in L or ML

SI unit amount of soil a rectangular box can hold?

Amount of soil is measured using volume the SI unit for volume is m3

Is volume a noun or a verb?

The word volume is a noun for a bound book or an amount of space measured in units.

What property of matter is measured in cubic centimeters?

Volume of all matter is measured in cubic centimeters. Mass is measured in grams. The property of matter that is measured in cubic centimetres is volume. It is a measurement of the amount of space a substance occupies.

How is gas measured?

by the amount of space it takes up, also known as volume

Is the amount of a substance in a given volume the concentration of the substance?

Ye.. the concentration of a substance is measured as the amount of substance per unit volume. Accordingly, the amount of a substance in per unit volume is the concentration of the substance.

What is being measured when quantifying the amount of space an object occupies?

The amount of space an object occupies is called VOLUME.

What is the density of an object that has a mass of 100 grams and a volume of 5 grams?

Impossible to answer. A volume is not measured in grams it is a cubic amount

In which unit is volume measured?

Volume is measured in decibals.

How volume is measured?

volume is measured in cubic centimeters

What is the volume of measured?

Volume is measured in cubic units

What is volume measured as?

Volume is measured in cubic units

Can volume be measured in meters?

Volume is measured in cubic meters.

What is used to measured volume?

Volume is measured in cubic units.

What things can be measured in liters?

Volume is measured in liters, the volume of a dam is measured in Megaliters, the volume of a teaspoon is measured in milliliters, the volume of a regular sized juice container from a store like Aldi or Jewel Osco is measured in liters.

How do you calculate the volume of a irergular object?

Use a measured water cylinder, drop in the object, the amount of water displaced represents the volume of the object

What is tidal volume measured in?

Tidal volume is measured in mL/kg.

What is volume mass and length and density?

Density is the amount of mass per unit of volume. Density = mass/volume Mass is the amount of matter in a sample. Length is the longest extent of anything as measured end to end. Volume is the amount of three-dimensional space occupied by a solid, liquid, or gas.

How is volume measured and how is mass measured of a substance?

The mass is measured with a balance.The volume is measured with graduated cylindres, pipettes, burettes etc.

What is the amount a container can hold when filled?

The amount a container can hold is called the volume, measured in litres if you're using the metric system(SI.) The answer is capacity or the volume of the container and it depends on how big the container is!

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