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Two major areas where Pascal's Triangle is in Algebra and Probability.

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Q: In what way was pascal's triangle used?
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In what situation can we use pascals triangle?

pascals triangle is used to solve math problems that have chance of 2 different outcomes, such as flipping a coin

Examples of Pascals triangle?

Pascal's triangle

Who first named the triangle pascals triangle?


What are the multiples of 5 within pascals triangle?

The Sierpinski Triangle

Who discovered pascals triangle?

Omar Khayyam discovered Pascal's triangle.

Who invented pascals triangle?

i think blaise pascal invented the triangle.

When was pascals triangle discovered?

in the 11th century...

What are the examples of pascals triangle?


What is the answer to 7C3 using pascals triangle?


What is the 5th row on pascals triangle?


Who is pascals triangle named after?

Blaise Pascal.

What was Blaise Pascals scientific achievements?

One was creating an early calculator and another for Pascals Triangle

Why did Blaise Pascal invent pascals triangle?

Pascal didn't invent pascals triangle, he just made It popular. A Chinese mathematician invented it in about 1015.

What are some cool fact on pascals triangle?

they are triangles that look cool because they are pascals hello hello that the answer.

What is another name for pascals triangle?

The expanded binomial is another name for Pascal's triangle.

What was blaise pascals most famous invention?

Arithmetical Triangle

C programs to generate pascals triangle?

No, use java.

What does pascals triangle relate the coefficients to?

Expansion of the Binomial a+b

What is the sum of the 17th row of pascals triangle?

the sum is 65,528

What is the sum of the 20th row of pascals triangle?

The sum of the 20th row in Pascal's triangle is 1048576.

What is the sum of the numbers in the 5th row of pascals triangle?

depends. If you start Pascals triangle with (1) or (1,1). The fifth row with then either be (1,4,6,4,1) or (1,5,10,10,5,1). The sums of which are respectively 16 and 32.

When was pascals triangle invented?

The oldest records of a Pascal's triangle date back to around 975 in India.

How does pascals triangle apply to real life?

its useful if you work as a architect

What is is the sum of the 25th row of pascals triangle?

28354132 is the correct answer, I believe.

When did the pascals triangle first appear?

it appear in 1687 when keisha was born