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Q: Insert two parenthesis 10 minus 4 divided by 2 X 3 equals 24?
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What is the variable x in x minus 32minus in parenthesis x minus 32divided by 3 minus in parenthesis x minus 32divided by 3 divided by 2 minus 7 equals 9?

The only number in that whole string of words whose value you don't already know, and can change from one minute to the next, is 'x'.

6 divided by 11 minus 1 divided by2 equals?

6 divided by 11 minus 1 divided by 2 equals?

Will you show me how to solve this problem 7a equals 2 times parenthesis a minus 10 parenthesis?

7a=2(-10)........................................answer is 20/7

What is two thirds parenthesis a minus six equals negative ten?

its a math problem

What is a minus divided by a minus equals?

÷/÷ = +

1 minus 2 cosine squared divided by sine cosine is equal to tangent minus cotangent?

No, it is not. To be correct, the expression requires parenthesis, which are missing.

Minus 15 divided by minus 3 equals?


What does a minus divide a minus equal?

Anything divided by itself equals one.

3 divided by4 plus 1divided by 2 minus 2 divided by 3 equals?

3 divided by 4 plus 1 divided by 2 minus 2 divided by 3

What is the equation for average acceleration?

A equals Vf minus Vi divided by time equals triangle v divided by time

What is k in parenthesis K minus 0 then equals 1?

If you're talking about (K-0)=1, then the answer is most definitely 1.

What minus 12 divided by 6 equals 9?


What divided by 4 minus 1 equals -2?


What minus nine divided by two equals eleven?


What is 6 minus 6 divided by 7?

6 minus 6 is 0. 0 divided by 7 equals 0. It is zero.

What is the answer to v minus four divided by five equals three divided by 5?

v = 7

100P minus 4000 divided by 100P equals 3?

Not necessarily.

If a divided by 4 minus 2 equals 3 what does a equal?


Use Synthetic Division Parenthesis a cubed minus 6a squared plus 10a - 3 divided by parenth a-3?


What is 8 divided by 4 minus 6?

The answer is -4.Since 8 divided by 4 is 2 and 2 minus 6 equals -4.

The heat lost by the boiling water is equal to the heat gained by the room-temperature water How much heat was transferred in this process?

For this part you would use the formula Q equals mcT. Q is energy in joules, m is for mass of the water that is in grams, c is the heat of water, and T is the temperature change. Q is equal to 25,000 g times in parenthesis 4.186J divided by g times c closed parenthesis times open parenthesis 37 minus 25 C which equals 1255800 J or 1255.8 kJ.

4 over 7 plus parenthesis minus 1 over 3 parenthesis equals?

13/21 - 7/21 = 6/21 Sorry, DJ, 4 over 7 = 12/21 so answer is 5/21

How do you add parentheses and brackets to this equation to make it true 45 divided by 2 times 4 point 7 minus 4 point 4 times 6 equals 54?

Put a parenthesis before the 2 and after the 4.4 (2 x 4.7 - 4.4) = 9.4 - 4.4 = 5 45 divided by 5 times 6 equals 54

Z divided 17 minus 1 equals 8?


33 plus 27 divided 3 minus 9 equals?