Is 72 hours from Monday morning until Thursday morning?

Updated: 5/31/2023
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Q: Is 72 hours from Monday morning until Thursday morning?
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How many hours from Thursday 6pm until Tuesday 6pm?

It's 120 hours between 6pm Thursday until the following Tuesday at 6pm

How many hours from 8am Monday until 8.00 am Monday the following week?

168 hours.

How many hours until Thursday at 9 PM?

54 hours

How many hours from 16.00 hours Tuesday until Thursday 16.00 hours?

48 hours

How many hours are there from Monday 8am until Thursday 8pm?

84 hours 12 + 24 + 24 + 24 = 84 8am to 8pm = 12 hours Mon 8pm to Tue/Wed/Thu = 3 days = 72 hours 12 + 72 = 84

We won't know whom the students chose for cheerleader until Monday morning.?

direct object

What time does walkden in tesco open?

Tesco Extra Walkden, Opening Times Day Open Closed Monday open midnight onwards Tuesday 24 hours Wednesday 24 hours Thursday 24 hours Friday 24 hours Saturday open until 2200 Sunday 1000 1600

How many hours is 3pm Friday to 8am monday?

14 hours I think I might be wrong It's 48 hours from 3 PM Friday until 3 PM Sunday, then it's another 9 hours until midnight and another 8 hours until 8 AM Monday. (48 + 9 + 8) hours = 65 hours.

When will you get paid if your payday is on a Monday and you have direct deposit?

It depends on the agreement between your employer and your bank. Your employer will send your bank a message Thursday or Friday saying that your direct deposit will be there on Monday and you bank may decide to "front" you the money until the funds are actually in your account. That is why sometimes you see your paycheck as "pending". So depending on your bank I would say Friday morning or Saturday morning. Hope this helps.

How late is the Pacific Western Bank open on weekdays?

"The Pacific Western Bank is open until 5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, and until 6:00 pm on Fridays at some locations. Other locations close at 4:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, and close at 6:00 pm on Fridays."

What time does carvel on weekdays?

sometimes on friday they open until 9:30 and on MONDAY,TUESDAY,WEDENDAY,THURSDAY they close at 9:00

If you fall asleep at eight o'clock in the morning and sleep until nine o'clock the next morning how many hours will you have slept?

Bout 25 hours.