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A cone is a common pyramid-like figure where the base is a circle or other closed curve instead of a polygon. A cone has a curved lateral surface instead of several triangular faces, but in terms of volume, a cone and a pyramid are just alike.

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Q: Is a cone a pyramid or a prism?
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Name six 3-d shapes?

ummm.., I....... A cube, a cuboid, a pyramid, a cone, a sphere, a cylinder and a prism. Is it okay if I give you 12? Here you go: * Cube * Cone * Pyramid * Rectangular Prism * Pyramid * Cylinder * Sphere * Hexagonal Prism * Triangular Prism * Frustum of a Cone * Frustum of a Pyramid * Oval * Tube/Pipe A cube, a cuboid, a pyramid, a cone, a sphere, a cylinder and a prism.

Is a cone the same thing as a prism?

no it's not a cone is a pyramid and has one base but a prism has two bases and is not a cone Actually, a cone is just a cone, like an ice cream cone. a prism is like a shape strechted out like a pipe. A cylindrical prism would be a pipe with closed ends.

What are the names of 3 dimensional shapes?

Square Pyramid, Cube, Triangular Prism, Sphere, Cylinder, Rectangular Pyramid, Rectangular Prism, Cone.

What isn't a cone sphere cylinder prism or pyramid?

a square a rectangle and a parallelogram

What vessels have the greatest overal cross section?

cone, cylinder, rectangular prism, square pyramid and triangular prism

How are the volumes of right pyramid and right cone related to the volume of a right prism and right cylinder?

The volume of the pyramid and cone is one third the volume of the corresponding (ie same [size] base and height) prism and cylinder.

Which of the following is not a polyhedron?

(if the question is: which of the following are polyhedrons?) your answer is: pyramid and prism ( apex )

What are the different types of 3d shapes?

cube, cuboid, prism, sphere, cone, pyramid .....

What three solid figures have a triangle as a cross section?

Pyramid, triangular prism, cone.

Which solids have only flat faces?

Any kind of cube, prism, or pyramid (other than a circular prism a.k.a a cylinder or a circular pyramid a.k.a. a cone)

How many edges does a sphere cone cylinder rectangular prism triangular prism pentagonal prism triangular-based pyramid and square-based pyramid have?

sphere: 0 edgescone: 1 edgerectangular prism: 8 edgescylinder: 0 edgestriangular prism:6 edgespentagonal prism: 10 edgestriangular-based pyramid: 4 edgessquare-based pyramid: 5 edges

What are the different spatial figures shape?

the different spatial figures are: cone,prism,cylinder,rectangular prism,pyramid,cube,sphere

How many faces edges and vertical does a cube cuboid cylinder cone pyramid and prism have?


Three dimensional object with flat surfaces?

cube, prism, pyramid, cone, cylinder, etc.

What are the different examples of spatial figures?

cone,pyramid,sphere,cylinder,cube and rectangular prism

What are the 7 geometric forms of solid?

sphere, cylinder, cone, cube, cuboid, pyramid and a triangular prism

What are the examples of spatial figures and their pictures?

cylinder cube cone rectangular prism sphere circle pyramid

What is an oblique shape?

If we're talking in purely geometric terms: If the edges of a prism/cylinder make a right angle with the base, it is called a right prism/cylinder. If not, it is an oblique prism/ will look as if it were slanting to one side instead of standing straight. Similarly, if the top vertex of a pyramid/cone is directly above the center of the base, it is a right pyramid/cone. Otherwise, it is an oblique pyramid/cone. Again, it will look a bit askew.

3 dimentional shape?

There are a lot of three dimensional shapes. Some shapes are a rectangular prism, triangular prism, rectangular prism, triangular pyramid, cube, cylinder, cone, and a sphere.

What is a 3 dimensional structure?

Examples of 3 dimensional structure are a pyramid, a cone, a cylinder, a prism, a cuboid ... etc

What shapes have 6 vertices?

Hexagon, triangular prism, that's all I can think of. Also, a pyramid with a pentagon for a base.

What is better for building structure a pyramid or a prism?

A pyramid is a prism

How are a cone and a pyramid alike?

A cone and a pyramid both have an apex.

What is one difference between a prism and a pyramid 4Th grade answer?

A pyramid has one base, a prism has two.A pyramid has one base, a prism has two.A pyramid has one base, a prism has two.A pyramid has one base, a prism has two.

Is a sphere a prism or a pyramid?

is a sphere a prisam