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Three times bigger (200% more )

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Q: Is30 twice bigger than 10
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20 degree Celsius is twice than 10 degree Celsius?

Yes. Twice bigger, that is.

Is 30 millimeters bigger than 30 centimeters?

No - 30cm is 10 times bigger than 30mm

Is 10 grams bigger than 10milligrams?

is 10 grams bigger than 10 milligrams

Is -10 bigger than 4?

No because +4 is bigger than -10

Can there be volcanos in space?

there are about 6 or 5 volcanoes on mars that erupted 10 billion years ago when mars was twice time bigger than the inverse

Is Deciliter bigger than a centiliter?

Yes, a deciliter is 10 times bigger than a centiliter.

Is 3 gallons bigger then 10 gallons?

No, 10 is bigger than three!

What is bigger out of 8 and 10?

10 is bigger than 8

Is 100 liters bigger than 10 liters?

Yes, because 100 is bigger than 10

What is bigger 0.035 or 0.35?

0.35 is bigger than 0.035 is, being 10 times it.

How many times is Saturn bigger than Earth?

About 10 times bigger About 10 times bigger

What is value 42000 10 percent bigger than?

42000 is 10% bigger than 42000/1.10 = 38181.8181...

Is 4.3 bigger than 0.43?

Yes. It is 10 times bigger than it.

Is one fifth bigger than one tenth?

Yes. 1/5 is bigger than 1/10. In fact it is exactly twice as big as one tenth. The key is that the denominator of the fraction (5 or 10) represents the size of the "part" being indicated. A larger denominator means a smaller part -- there are more of them in the whole.

Which is bigger 12 over 15 or 4 over 10?

12/15 is bigger than 4/10 or 4/5 is bigger than 2/5

Is -10 bigger than 19?

No, -10 is smaller than 19.

Is 7 over 10 bigger or is 6 over 9 bigger?

7/10 is bigger than 6/9

Is 10 L bigger than 1000 ML?

10 L is bigger than 1000 mL. 10 L is equal to 10 000 mL.

Is 10 inch bigger than 5 inch cube?

a 10 inch cube is bigger than a 5 inch cube

What is bigger 10m or Cm?

10 meters is bigger than 1 cm

What is bigger 5 8 or 7 10?

7/10 is bigger than 5/8.

Which is bigger 10 km or 100 cm?

10 km is bigger than 100 cm

When was Bigger Than Dynamite created?

Bigger Than Dynamite was created on 2006-10-16.

Is 1012 bigger than a half or not?

If you mean 10/12 then it is bigger than 1/2

Is 10 kilograms bigger than 10 pounds?

Since a kilogram is roughly 2.2 pounds, 10 kilograms is bigger.