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If you mean -318 then it is less than 3.125

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Q: Is -3 18 greater or less than 3.125?
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Is 18 in. Greater than or less than 18 cm.?

18 inches is greater than 18 cm

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Is 320 fl greater or less than 18 pints

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18 ft is less then 18 meters (18ft<18meters)

Is 18 inches 'greater than or equal to' or 'less than' 2feet?

Less than.

Is negative four greater thsn negative eighteen?

Yes. If one number is less than another, then the negative of the first is greater than the negative of the second. 4 is less than 18 so -4 is greater than -18

What is the square number that is bigger than 300 but smaller than 400?

324 (=18²) and 361 (=19²) fulfil the requirements that they are greater than 300 and less than 400.

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18 meters > 18 yards

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320 fluid ounces is greater than 18 pints!

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less than 18 inches 2 feet = 24 inches so 18 inches is less than 24 inches

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none. all numbers, decimal or integer, less than -18 are also less than -1.

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Well, 2/3 is 12/18 which is greater than 11/18.

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Two feet are 24 inches, so 18 inches are less than 2 feet.

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It is less because 1/3 is the same as 6/18

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There are 18.

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It's greater.

Can the gcf of 18 and 36 be greater then 18?

no because the GFC has to be equal to or less than the lowest number

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18 and 20

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19 23 29.