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No because .50 or 0.5 is greater than 0.375

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Q: Is .50 smaller than 0.375
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Is .0375 larger than .025?

Yes it is.

Is 50 nanometers smaller than 80 nanometers?

Yes. 50 is smaller than 80!

Is 4 ft bigger or smaller than 50 in?


Is -300 bigger than -50?


Is 50 mm smaller than 70 mm?

yes. 50mm is smaller than 70mm

How many teaspoons is 0375 fluid ounces?

Depends where you put the decimal point in that 0375 .

Is 4 feet bigger than 50 inches?

no because 4 times 12 equal 48 inches and it is not bigger than 50 inches.

Is three lb bigger or smaller than 50 oz?


Is 2.5cm smaller than 50cm?

2.5 of anything is generally smaller than 50 of the same thing.

What is even number less than 50?

and even # less than 50 is any number smaller than 50 ending in the number 2,4,6,8,0

Is 50 mm greater than 6cm?

50 mm is the same as 5 cm, so 50 mm is smaller than 6 cm.

What is a number less than 50 that can be divided by 2356and 10?

A number smaller than 50 cannot be divided by 2356.

Is a 0 integer larger or smaller than -50?


Is 50 micron bigger than 62.5 micron?

50 of anything is normally smaller than 62.5 of the same thing.

Is 50 times 4 smaller than 200?


Is .5 smaller then .1?

No, it isn't. It might be easier if you look at it this way: is $.50 smaller than $.10? 50 cents is bigger than 10 cents, and .5 is bigger than .1.

Is 50 l bigger or smaller than 500 ml?

50 litre is 100 times bigger than 500 ml

Is 15 gal smaller than 50 L?

no, it is bigger

What is .0375 of 4842?

The answer is 181.575

Is a Glock 10mm a 50 cal?

No. 10mm is close to .40 cal, smaller than .50 cal.

Will 50-x get larger or smaller or stay the same?

i think my number will get larger than 50-x.

How many times smaller is 50 than 5 million?

5000000/50 = 1000000/10 = 100000

How many times smaller is 5 than 50?

ten 50 / 5 = 10

How do you find the average of the first 99 positive whole numbers?

The one in the middle is 50.There are 49 of them smaller than 50, and another 49 of them that are larger than 50.Each number smaller than 50 has a partner that's the same amount larger than 50, sothe average of that pair is 50, and the average of every pair is 50.So the average of all 99 of them is 50.

How many numbers can go into 50?

All numbers that are bigger than zero and smaller than 50 can go into 50 at least one time. There are an infinite number of them.