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2.5 of anything is generally smaller than 50 of the same thing.

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Q: Is 2.5cm smaller than 50cm
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What is the radius of a circle which has a 50cm diametre?

It is 25cm

How do you calculate internal diameter of chimney if thickness is 25cm?

Subtract 50cm from external diameter.

What is 50cm x 36cm x 25cm in inches?

19.7 in x 14.2 in x 9.8 in

This suitcase has sides 75cm long by 25cm wide ans 50cm high mass is 20kg. what will its weight be?

200N (newtons)

Is 50 cm the same as 500 m?

No. 50cm is 1000 times smaller than 500m

What is the size of a sea gull?

For an adult, the average (length) is around 50cm. The Little Gull can be only 25cm, and some can be 70+cm.

Is 25 cm longer than 200 mm?

Yes, 25cm is the same as 250mm.

Is 506mm smaller than 25cm?

506 mm is 506 mm 25 cm is 250 mm You decide

Which is longer 25cm or 200mm?

25cm is longer than 200mm which equals 20cm

What is 50cm added to 50cm?

50cm added to 50cm = 100

What biome has an annual rainfall of less than 25cm?

A desert is defined as a region that receives less than 25cm (10 inches) of rainfall on average per year.

How many millimetres is a strip measuring 25cm longer than a strip measuring 220mm?

How many millimetres is a strip measuring 25cm longer than a strip measuring 220mm?

Is 50 cm more than a kilometer?

100000cm = 1km 50cm = 1km/1000000cm/1km 0.00005km = 50cm 50cm < 1km

Is 50cm greater than 6cm?


What object is longer than 50cm but shorter than 1m?


Which distance is larger 250mm or 2cm?

250mm is 25cm, which is larger than 2cm.

How many 50cm are there in 3m 50cm?


What is the area of a square whose side is 25cm in length?

25cm x 25cm = 625cm

What fraction of 25cm is 75cm?

75cm/25cm = 3/1, so 75cm is 3 times 25cm.

What is the best idea for building a 50cm long spaghetti bridge weighing no more than 300G that must support a 1kg load?

3 bucatini spaghettis in compress and 1 normal (25cm) spaghetti in tension. your bridge should have atleast 14 tensial elements and like 12 compressed ones. you can go for heights like 22 23

How many inches is 25cm?

25cm is equal to 9.84251968505 inches.

What is 3.5m-50cm?

3.5m-50cm = -46.5

How many millimeter in 25cm?

25cm = 250mm

What is the name of a tropical climate with a rainfall of less than 25cm?

Tropical Desert

Which biome receives less than 25cm of rainfall per year?