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Q: Is 0.183 bigger than one eighth?
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Related questions

Is four tenths bigger or one eighth?

Four tenths is bigger than one eighth.

What is bigger one eighth or 20 percent?

20% is bigger than one eighth. (1/8 = 0.125, 20% = 0.2)

Which is bigger two seveths or one eighth?

Two sevens is bigger than one eighth. One seventh is bigger than one eighth. seven times eight is 56 and two times eight is sixteen. So two sevens is equal to sixteen fifty sixths. One eighth is only equal to seven fifty sixths

Is one third bigger than one eighth?


Is one twelfth bigger than one eighth?


Is one eighth larger than two eighth?

If you're talking about Two over eight is bigger than one over eight.

Is one fifth less than one eighth?

no, fifths are bigger than eights

Is five and one fourth bigger than five and three eighths?

No it is not. 5 and 3 eighths are bigger by one eighth.

What is bigger one eighth scale or one tenth scale?

one eighth

Is two fifteenths bigger than one eighth?

No. Fifteenths are actually smaller.

Is one-eighth bigger then one-ninth?

Yes it is slightly bigger.

What is bigger on forth or one eighth?

one forth is obviosly bigger

Is one eighth bigger than two tenths?

No. Two tenths (one fifth) is bigger than one eighth.

Is two eighth small than one eighth?

no. obviously there are two one eighth to make one two eighth

What is bigger one eighth or three tenths?

three tenths

Is 34 ounces bigger than 2 and one eighth?

16 ounces = 1 pound 32 ounces = 2 pounds one eighth = 16 / 8 = 2 so 2 and one eighth = 32 + 2 = 34 Answer: no - they are the same

Is one eighth bigger than three sevenths?

No. 1/8 = 0.125 3/7 = 0.4268

What is larger one quarter or one eighth?

one quarter is the largest, one eighth is more(8)of smaller and 1/4 is less(4)of Bigger pieces

Which is bigger one eighth or nine sixteenths?

1/8 is only 2/16, a small amount. 9/16 is more than one half, a much larger amount than 1/8.

Is one eighth smaller than three sixtenth?

yes it one eighth is smaller by one sixteenth

Is one eighth greater than one fifth?

Nope. Think of it this way. Which is bigger, a piece from a pie cut into eight pieces, or a piece cut from a pie that was cut into five pieces?

How much larger is one-fourth than one eighth?

One forth is twice as large as one eighth. One forth divided by two is one eighth, and one eighth times two is one forth.

Does one third equal one eighth?

One third is a lot bigger than one eighth. Imagine you have two pieces of string that are exactly the same length. You cut one into three equal pieces. Each piece is one third of the original string. Say you take the other sting and cut into eight equal pieces. Each of those pieces is one eighth... and they are much smaller because there are so many more of them.

How many one-eighth is in one one-sixth?

This can't be answered. One eighth is actually greater than one sixth.

Is one fourth greater than one eighth?