Is one eighth larger than two eighth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you're talking about Two over eight is bigger than one over eight.

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Q: Is one eighth larger than two eighth?
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How much larger is one-fourth than one eighth?

One forth is twice as large as one eighth. One forth divided by two is one eighth, and one eighth times two is one forth.

Is two eighth small than one eighth?

no. obviously there are two one eighth to make one two eighth

Is one fourth larger than three eighths?

No, three eighths is larger than one fourth. One fourth is equal to two eighths, and is one eighth smaller than three eighths.

Which is bigger two seveths or one eighth?

Two sevens is bigger than one eighth. One seventh is bigger than one eighth. seven times eight is 56 and two times eight is sixteen. So two sevens is equal to sixteen fifty sixths. One eighth is only equal to seven fifty sixths

Is one eighth greater than two ninths?


Is two fifteenths bigger than one eighth?

No. Fifteenths are actually smaller.

Is two thirds larger or smaller than one half?


Is one eighth lesser than two ninths?

Yes, 1/8 is less than 2/9

Is one eighth bigger than two tenths?

No. Two tenths (one fifth) is bigger than one eighth.

Is one fifths larger than two sevenths?


Is two and one half larger than two and three fifths?


Is one sixth greater than two eighth?

Two eighths is the greater fraction.Two eighths is 0.25 where as one sixth is 0.16666... (recurring).