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Five tenths is the same as 0.5

It is half

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Q: Is 0.5 greater than five tenths?
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Which is greater 5 tenths or 5 hundredths?

Five tenths is larger than five hundredths. 5/10=.5, or one half. 5/100=.05, or one twentieth.

Will 05 be greater than 46?

No it isn't; 46 is greater than 05.

Is 160 greater than 05 but less than 075?

It's greater than 5 and 75

How do you write sixteen and five tenths in expanded fom?


What is 05 written as a fraction?

I assume this question is a typo (since "05" can not be expressed as a fraction. However, if "05" = 0.5, then the fraction is 1/2. If "05" = .05, then the fraction is 1/20 (reduced from 5/100).

Why is 5 greater than 05?

It isn't. But if there is a decimal point, and you actually mean 0.5 or .05, then this number is indeed less than 5, because the digit five is in a lower-value position.

Which is greater 0.33 or 05?

05 is the same as 5 which is greater than 0.33

What is the differenence 0.5 and 0.05?

.5 is one-half (1/2) or 5/10 or you can say it like five tenths .05 is 5/100 or five one hundredths and it is smaller than .5

Is 007 less than or greater than 05?


Is .05 greater than .03?

.05 is greater than .03. .05 is 5 hundreths, and .03 is three hundredths.

Is 05 greater than 375?

No, 375 is greater.

Is 67 greater than 05?

Yes, 67 is greater than 5.

Is .05 greater than .035?

Yes. .05 is the same as.050 which is greater than .035 .

Is .032 less than .05?

Yes because .05 is greater than .032

How would you write point 05 in words?

If the point is your decimal, the zero in the tenths place and the five in the hundredths place, then "five hundredths" is all you need.

Is 05 greater than 625?


Is 0.2 greater than 05?


Is 05 greater than 007?


What is more 05 percent or 25 percent?

Just as 25 is greater than 5 (or 05) so 25% of a number is greater than 5% of that number.

Is 01 percent greater than 05 percent?

0.01% = 0.00010.05% = 0.0005Answer NO. 0.01% is not greater than 0.05%

Is 05 percent larger than 025 percent?

Any decimals? If it was 0.5 and 0.25 it would be larger because 0.25 is less than 0.5. (twenty-five hundredths are less than five tenths) If a number is behind the decimal is gets smaller in amount. But if there weren'y any decimals of course 25% is larger than 5%.

Is 121 greater than 05?


Is 1.9 greater than .05?


Is 549 greater than 05?


Is .5 greater than .05?