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no its .46 less than half

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โˆ™ 2012-04-02 21:46:39
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Q: Is 04 greater than 1 half?
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Is 04 greater or less than 1 half?

I am amusing you mean 0.4 in which case no. If you mean 04 then yes.04=4 1 half=0.5

Is 7.5 greater than 1 half?

your question answers itself "Is seven and a half greater than a half" One is fifteen times greater than the other.

Is 4over8 greater than half but less than 1?

No : 4 over 8 equals one half and so is not greater. It is less than 1 .

What fraction is greater than one-fourth but less than one-half?

3/8 is greater than 1/4 and less than 1/2.

What is greater than 1 half but less than 1?


Is 1 half greater than 1 fifth?


Is a half greater than two thirds?

No it is not. 2/3 is greater than 1/2.

What fraction is not greater than 1 and a half?

1 and 1/4

Is 1 half greater than 4 5ths?


Which fraction is not greater than half?


Is 114 greater than half?


Is 3 forth greater than 1 half?

yes, it is clear that 3/4 is greater than 1/2

Is 3 over 4 greater than 1 half?

Yes 3/4 is greater than a 1/2

Is half greater or less than 3 over 7?

Half (1/2 or .5) is greater than 3/7 (.429...)

What fraction is not greater than 1-half?

Every negative fraction, and every positive fraction whose numerator is half of its denominator or less, is not greater than one half.

Is 0.50 greater or less than 1?

0.5 is half of 1.

IS 1 half of12 greater than 1 forth of 8?

1 half of 12 = 6 1 quarter of 8 = 2 so, yes, it is greater

What is greater one and a half or three fourths?

1 and a 1/2 is greater than 3/4

Is one fourth greater than one half?

No it's not.

Is 3 over 7 greater than 1 over 2?

No, it is not. Half of 7 would be 3.5, and half of two would be 1. Thus, 3 is less than half of 7 while 1 is exactly half of 2, which means 1/2 is greater than 3/7.

What are some ways to find out if a number is greater than one-half?

It is if: * the numerator is greater than half the denominator. * twice the numerator is greater than the denominator. * the denominator is less than half the numerator. * twice the denominator is less than the numerator. * the decimal equivalent is gretaer than 0.5. * if you subtract 1/2, the answer is positive. * if you subtract it from 1/2 the answer is negative. * the square of the number is between greater than 1/4. There are many more.

Is 7 over 12 greater than or less than 1 in the half?

7/12 is greater than 1/2 (1/2 = 6/12).

Is half pint greater than 1 cup?

They are the same.

Is 10 twenty fifths greater than 1 half?


Is 7 eaths greater than half?

If you mean 7/8 then yes it is greater than 1/2