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Q: Is 08 percent less than 06 percent?
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Is 06 greater or less than 08?

0.6 is less than 0.8

Is .008 greater or less than .08?

Less than

Is .08 percent larger than 0.59 percent?

No 0.08% is not larger than 0.59%

Is 02 greater than or less than 08?

0.2 is less than 0.80.2 < 0.8

Is 063 more than 08?

No, 0.63 is less than 0.8

What is 28-06-08 in roman numerals?

28-06-08 would be XXVIII.VI.VIII and 28-06-2008 would be XXVIII.VI.MMVIII

Why 0.08 is less or more than .08?

They're the same.

What is less than 0.1 percent?

There are an infinite number of possible answers.For example:.09%.009%.0009%.08%.089%.0899%.01%.019%.001%.0017%0%-100%

Is it not safe to drive with a BAC less than 04 percent?

While the legal limit in most states is .08% and many studies show that driving using a hands-free device is more dangerous than driving with a BAC of .08%. Therefore, it would be considered safe to drive with a BAC of .04%.

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Nothing more than if your birthday was on 01-01-01 or 02-02-02 or 03-03-03 or 04-04-04 or 05-05-05 or 06-06-06 or's happens regularly. This year 08-08-08 is the start of the Olympic Games in China....and your birthday. Happy Birthday!

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