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Q: Is 1.35 greater equal or less than 1 whole and three tenths?
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How many tenths equal a whole?

There are 10 tenths in a whole.

What does three and one half plus four and three tenths equal?

seven and eight tenths. you have to change one half to five tenths and then add the whole numbers and then the fraction

How many tenth equal one foot?

Ten tenths = one whole - of anything.Ten tenths = one whole - of anything.Ten tenths = one whole - of anything.Ten tenths = one whole - of anything.

What is the difference between a whole 1 and three tenths?

1 is the whole number a whole broken in to tenths is 10 10 tenths (10/10) Therefore 3/10 (three tenths) is 3 parts of the whole amount

What equivalent fraction is equal to nine tenths?

If the whole number is twelve, three fourths? No, nine tenths of twelve would not be a complete fraction. Eighteen twentieths would equal nine tenths, or 90 percent if you're looking for a metric answer.

Is three tenths a whole number?


Is two tenths greater than four tenths?

No. Four tenths is greater than two tenths because it's part of a whole. The whole is 10. You would want four slices of a ten piece pizza rather than two slices.

How many tenths are in a whole?

Expressed as a whole, the numerator of a fraction will be the same as the denominator. In this instance, a whole is equal to 10/10 or ten tenths.

How many tenths equal a whole circle?

10 tenths equal to a whole (100 OR 100%) Hope that helped =)

How many whole ones equal 40 tenths?

10 tenths make one whole thus 40 tenths = 4 x 10 tenths = 4 x one whole = four.

Is one tenth greater than one fifth?

There are ten tenths in a whole. There are five fifths in a whole. Therefore, 1/5 is bigger that 1/10

What do 43.12 rounded to the whole number?

43.12 to the nearest whole number is: 43. This is because the value in the tenths place "1" is not equal to or greater than 5. In this case it is less than so it is rounded down.