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Q: Is 100 pounds of steel heavier than 100 pounds of feathers?
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Is 15 pounds of steel heavier than 18 pounds of feathers?

are you being serious, if you are no, 15 is not heavier than 18 pounds of feathers.

Which is heavier feathers or steel?

Steel is heavier than feathers. This is because steel is a denser material, meaning that a given volume of steel will weigh more than the same volume of feathers.

What is heavier 2000 pounds of sand or 2000 pounds of feathers?

They total the same, a handful of sand for example would weigh more than a handful of feathers but because they both add up to a specific weight neither is heavier than the other there would just be more feathers than sand..

What are two ways in which density has practical importance?

Density is important in determining the buoyancy of objects in fluids, such as in designing ships and submarines. It is also used to identify materials based on their mass-to-volume ratio, as in the case of mineral identification in geology.

Which is heavier 10kg of concrete or 10kg of feathers?

They are both the same weight at 10kg. Weight is determined by the mass of an object, not the material it is made of.

Is copper heavier than stainless steel?

no, steel is heavier

What is heavier ten pounds of gold or ten pounds of feathers?

Ten pounds of anything is exactly the same weight as ten pounds of anything else.

How much heavier wood is to steel?

Wood is generally lighter than steel. Steel is denser and heavier than wood, making it stronger but heavier. This difference in weight makes steel a common choice for structural applications where strength and durability are important factors.

Is lead heavier than stainless steel?

Lead is much heavier than stainless steel.

Is brass heavier than steel?

No, steel is generally heavier than brass. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon with a density greater than that of brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc.

Is silver heavier than steel?

Yes, Steel is a harder metal than Silver. :)

How many pounds are in 7 cups and 2 ounces?

A cup is a volume measure. The pounds weight will therefore depend on what material you are measuring. - ie 7 cups of water will be heavier than 7 cups of feathers.