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are you being serious, if you are no, 15 is not heavier than 18 pounds of feathers.

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Which is heavier 300 pounds of steel or 300 pounds of feathers?

Because they each weigh 300 pounds, they weigh the same, thus neither is heavier than the other.

Which is heavier feathers or steel?

Steel is denser than feather - so, if you have equal volumes of both then the steel will weigh more. 1 cubic foot of steel would be a lot heavier than a cubic foot of feathers.

What are two ways in which density has practical importance?

Two pounds of feathers are heavier than one pond of steel, but the feathers are less dense than the steel so two pounds of feathers have a greater volume than one pound of steel. Density determines weather an object will float or sink. If an object can float on water it has to be less than 1. If the object is more dense than water than it will sink.

What is heavier 2000 pounds of sand or 2000 pounds of feathers?

They total the same, a handful of sand for example would weigh more than a handful of feathers but because they both add up to a specific weight neither is heavier than the other there would just be more feathers than sand..

Is copper heavier than steel?

Yes, copper is heavier than steel.

Is copper heavier than stainless steel?

no, steel is heavier

Are a pigeons feathers heavier than its bones?

no,even though a pigeons bones are very light,they are still heavier than its feathers

Which is heavier a ton of feathers or a ton of ping pong balls?

A tonne of ping pong balls will weight 240 pounds more than a ton of feathers. Ton = 2,000 pounds Tonne = 1,000 Kilograms = 2,240 pounds

Is brass heavier than steel?

brass is heavier than steel. brass is 4.199857lbs. and steel is only 3.8636lbs. hih.

Is steel heavier than gold?

Gold is heavier than steel because gold has a higher density.

What is heavier ten pounds of gold or ten pounds of feathers?

Ten pounds of anything is exactly the same weight as ten pounds of anything else.

Is silver heavier than steel?

Yes. Silver is heavier, i.e. more dense, than steel, which is mostly iron.

What weighs moré 125 pounds of cement or 60 kilograms of feathers?

60 kilograms of anything is heavier than 125 pounds of anything else. (60kg = 132.3lbs)

Does iron or feathers have more density?

Iron is more dense than feathers.(A pound of iron is smaller than a pound of feathers. A bottle of iron is heavier than a bottle of feathers.)

Is 7 pounds heavier than 160 ounces?

no 10 pounds = 160 ounces

Do troy pounds and avoirdupois pounds weigh the same?

No....the AV pound is heavier. The Troy ounce is heavier than a AV ounce but there are only 12 troy ounces in a Troy pound compared to 16 in a AV pound. There is an old joke...What is heavier, a pound of Gold or a pound of feathers...? The pound of feathers... Because the troy pound of Gold is measured in Troy...which has a lighter pound.

Is 500 pounds of bricks heavier than 500 pounds of feathers?

If they are using the same scale - then neither. Both weigh 500 lbs.500 lbs is 500 lbs whether its bricks or feathers, they weigh the same.Neither. They weigh the same.

What is heavier copper or steel?

Generally copper is denser than steel.

Is a pound of steel heavier than a pound of pencils?

A pound of steel is not heavier than a pound of pencils. They have the same mass. It's just that the steel has a higher density, and will have less volume than the pencils.

Why a steel ball weigh more than an apple?

because steel is made up of a metal and a metal is much more heavier than a small fruit. that is why steel ball is heavier than an apple.

Is steel stronger than aluminum?

Steel is three times heavier and stronger than aluminum

Why have birds feathers and not fur?

birds have feathers and not fur because fur is heavier than feathers and would restrict them from being able to fly

What is heavier 100 kilograms or 100 pounds?

100 kilograms is heavier than 100 pounds.1 kilogram is about 2.2 pounds.

What is heavier 70 kilograms or 110 pounds?

70 kilograms is heavier than 110 pounds, which is about 50 kilograms.

How many pounds are in 7 cups and 2 ounces?

A cup is a volume measure. The pounds weight will therefore depend on what material you are measuring. - ie 7 cups of water will be heavier than 7 cups of feathers.

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