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If a statement includes an "equals" sign ( = ) then the statement is an equation.

By the way . . . it may or may not be a true statement. "10 equals 120" is not true.

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Q: Is 10 equals 120 an expression or an equation?
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Is the number sentence 8 plus 2 equals 10 an expression or an equation?

That word "equals" in there makes it an equation.

What times 12 equals 120?

The answer to what times 12 equals 120 is 10. The numerical model for this fact would be 10x12=120

What times what equals 120?

10 times 12 equals 120.

How much is 10 dozen eggs?

there are 12 eggs in a dozen so 12 time 10 equals 120

How do you get a 10?

Well, you may do the equation 5x=10 and x would equal 2. Two times Five equals ten/ It is called an algerbraic expression.

What is 120 divided by equals 12?


How do you find the value of x in the following 10 times x 73?

You cannot solve an expression. You need an equation or inequality.You cannot solve an expression. You need an equation or inequality.You cannot solve an expression. You need an equation or inequality.You cannot solve an expression. You need an equation or inequality.

What is 8 equals x-2?


120 divided by 12 equals?


When A equals 10 plus 100 plus 10 than what is the value of A?

10+100+10 is 120 so A=120.

Is the equation 3y plus y2 - 10 a perfect square?

Without an equality sign the given expression can't be considered to be an equation but if it equals to 0 then its solutions would be y = 2 or y = -5 which is not a perfect square

What is the solution to this equation 10 - 15 plus 5 -45 plus 20?

There is no equation in the question, only an expression. An expression cannot have a solution.

What is 10 times 12 equals?


WHAT IS -12 10?

Equals -120.

How many months are in a decade?

There are 120 months in a decade. One year equals 12 months. One decade equals 10 years. 12 x 10 = 120

In the equation 120 divided by 12 10 the number 120 is the divisor or the dividend?

the dividen

120 in equals how many ft?

There are 12 inches in one foot so 120 inches equals 10 feet.

What divided by 10 equals 12?

Call the unknown number "x", write the equationx / 10 = 12 Then isolate "x". In this case, this means multiplying both sides of the equation by 10.

What does the expression i30 10 27 evaluates to?

The expression is actually written as i = 30*10+27. When you work the express out you get the answer i = 327 (30 times 10 equals 300 plus 27 equals 327).

What is 2t equals 10?

An equation?

12 times 10 equals?


How do you get 10 only using the number 9 in a math equation?

There are lots of ways to do this, but here's one:(99 - 9) / 9 = 10By the way, you probably mean "expression" rather than "equation." The equation includes both sides of the equals sign, so it isn't written only with 9's.

What is the algebraic expression for excess of 15 over y equals 10?

y + 15 = 10

What is 10 percent off 120?

10% of 120 equals 12.10% off 120 leaves 108

How do you solve 3x-7?