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Very adequate, nothing to be ashamed of. An IQ of 100 is considered "average" meaning that supposedly, an equal number of people of the world will have a score below and above 100. A score of 120 means that there should be quite a few MORE people with a score BELOW. College courses are (or at least were) designed so that a person with a 120 IQ should have no problem. Don't worry, the kid is ok.

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Q: Is 120 a good IQ for a 15-year-old?
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How does 120 IQ measure up?

120 is a fairly good IQ- in the Very Superior range.

Is 146 a good IQ?

very goodiq under 80 very bad (mental illness)iq 80-120 normaliq 120-140 smartiq more than 140 genus

Is an IQ of 120 good?

Hyper active IQ is abnormal in terms of performance.

Is 120 a good IQ for a 16 year old girl?

Yes, that is a good IQ. Average is listed as 100, so 120 is above average.

Is 120 a good IQ for an 11 year old boy?

Well, the average IQ is 100, so 120 is classed as "above average". So it is very good, yes.

Is a IQ score of 98 good?

an IQ of 98 is just below average but above 120 is something special. Don't worry most people in the UK have an IQ of around 90, so your IQ is good!

Is an IQ of 120 high for an eight year old?

An average IQ is 100. An IQ of 120 is high for anyone.

What does a 120 on an IQ test mean?

Very good! That is very intelligent

Is a IQ of 120 good or bad?

better than average, but not great.

Is 120 a good IQ score for a 9 year old boy?

120 is a good IQ score for any age. It means you are above average - the average is supposed to be 100 for any age group.

Is an IQ of 50 good?

An IQ of 50 is considered low for a human adult. Most humans have an IQ that is between 85 and 100. Anyone with an IQ of 120 or over is considered a genius.

Is 120 a good IQ score for a 13 year-old boy?

very good! :)

Is an IQ of 129 good for a 19 year old boy?

Yes it is an iq over 120 is considered superior but i had 129 when i was 13

How does an IQ of 120 rate on an IQ scale?

120 is above average. 100 is average... 140 is genius.

Is 122 a good IQ for an eighteen year old?

120 - 140 = Very superior intelligence Source:

Is having an IQ of 120 a good thing?

Above 115 means its above average.

What is Tyra Banks's IQ?

120 IQ- Tyra Banks

What is the IQ of Chris Brown?

chris brown's IQ is around 120

Is 120 a good IQ for a 13 year old female?

I think it's very good. I'm told I'm very smart, because I'm 13 and my IQ is 156.

What is the average IQ of a 60 year old man?

I scored 120 on an Internet Test - is that good?

Is 120 on an IQ test considered an average level?

No, 68 percent of the world's population has an IQ of between 90 and 110, an IQ of 120 means that about 95 percent of the world's population is below that point in IQ. An IQ of 100 is average.

Is IQ score of 131 good for a seventeen year old?

Average IQ is between 80 and 120. If you achieved a score of 131, you have above average intelligence - which is good whether you are 17 or 71.

Is 120 a good IQ score for a 6 year old girl?

Yes, that is a good score for anyone and is slightly above average. A person with an IQ between 90 and 110 is considered average.

What is Nelson Mandellas IQ?


What is Miley Cyruses IQ?

it is 120