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It is both.

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Q: Is 120 a real number ir an integer?
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Can integers be positive?

Yes, integers can be positive! An integer is basically any whole number, positive ir negative!

Which word uses the prefix ir reckless regular real?

The prefix ir- is used to form the word irregular.

How many significant digits are in the number 400000?

The number of significant digits in an integer ending in zeros is always ambiguous. It is not clear whether the number is accurate to the nearest hundred thousands (1 significant digit), ir to the nearest unit (6 sig digs).

How many electrons are there in iridium?

Iridium (Ir), has 77 electrons. The atomic number is equal to the number of protons and since Ir is neutrally charged, equal to the number of electrons.

A resistor consumes 1.0 amps when 120 volts is applied What is the value of the resistor?

V=IR (from Ohm's Law) So, R=V/I =120 ohms

What is element has an atomic number of seventy seven?


Is 43 composite ir prime?

It is a prime number.

How much current will a 120-V wall outlet push through a 20-ohm circuit A?

The simple answer is V=IR => I=V/R => I=120/20 => I=6 amps.

What is the resistance of a 120 volt 15 amp circuit?

We know that V=IR. This can be re-arranged for R by dividing by I. This leaves R=V/I. Plug in the values V=120 & I=15: R=120/15=8 ohms

What is the resistance of an electric grill that draws 8 amps on 120 volts line?

V=IR since the load is pure resitance, R=V/I => 120/8 = 15 ohm

How many 18 X 18 inch tiles does it take to cover 120 sq feet?

18"*18" = 1.5 ft * 1.5 ft = 2.25 sq ft To cover 120 sqft you would require 120/2.25 = 53.33 ir 54 tiles. That answer is correct as a mathematical exercise, but in real life, the number of tiles depends upon the exact dimensions of the 120 sq ft area. It also assumes that all offcuts can be used and that there is no wastage. These are rather unrealistic assumptions so you should allow 5-10% extra.

A 120V power supply connected to a 30ohm resistor will produce amps of current?

V=IR, V=120 VOLTS R=30 OHMS I=V/R, I=120/30, I = 4Amps

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