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IQ is not age dependent, although 122 at any age is fairly good, and signifies a quicker-than-average mind.

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Q: Is 122 a bad IQ score if your 12?
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Is 122 good IQ for a 10 year old girl?

An IQ score of 122 is an above average IQ score. It is, thus, a good score.

What was Franklin D Roosevelts IQ score?


Is a IQ score of 122 good for a 29 year old female?

Yes, that is above average for an IQ score. A person with an IQ between 90 and 110 is considered average.

Is 111 a good IQ score for a 12 year old?

Yes, a score of 111 is a good IQ score for a 12 year old.

Is 121 a bad score for an IQ test?

No, 121 is an excellent score on an IQ test. Any IQ from 100 and up is great.

Is 83 a good IQ score for a kid?

A score of 83 is not a bad score.

What does it mean if your IQ is 122 and you are fourteen?

The IQ score is a ratio of the average intelligence age to the chronological age. An IQ of 122 means that a 14 year old has the same intelligence as that of an average 17 year old.

Is 122 a good IQ for a 14-year-old?

No, if he cheated. If you took the IQ test online, the score may not be accurate. But if you took it at school or it was given by a professional, then yes, 122 is a good IQ. An average IQ is 100. And it has nothing to do with age. Your IQ score would be the same no matter what age you are. If you were much younger, then the test you would take would be different, based on your age. But your score would be the same.

Is 119 a bad IQ score?

No, it's fine.

Is 104 a bad IQ score for a 14- teen year old?

No, the average IQ score, regardless of age is from 90 to 109.

Is an IQ of 122 a good IQ score?

It is above average. An average IQ is 100. If you took the IQ test online, though, it could be inaccurate. It is best to take one at school or by a trained person.

Is 70 IQ bad for a 12 year old?

IQ scores are normalized by age, thus theoretically if you got an IQ score of 70 you should always get an IQ score of 70 throughout your life whenever tested. In actual practice deviations in score of about ±5 points are not considered statistically significant. However remember that the only thing an IQ score has ever been shown to consistently predict both reliably and accurately is the ability to score high on IQ tests.

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