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Neither 189 nor 1500 are prime factors.

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Q: Is 189 a higher prime factor than 1500?
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How many prime numbers are less than 1500?

They are 239 prime numbers less than 1500.

What is the GCF of 29 and 79?

These are both prime numbers so they have no common factor higher than 1.

What are prime numbers higher than 100?

what are prime numbers higher than 100

What is the prime factors of a number greater than 6 and less than 12?

The prime factor of 7 is 7. The prime factor of 8 is 2. The prime factor of 9 is 3. The prime factors of 10 are 2 and 5. The prime factor of 11 is 11.

How do you get composite numbers by using prime factor?

A composite is any number that has a prime factor smaller than itself and greater than 1.

Why is 50 a prime factor?

50 is not a prime factor or a prime number because it has more than two factors and so it is a composite number

Is two the only even prime number?

2 is the only even prime number. So, yes. This is because any even number higher than 2 has 2 as a factor.

What higher 45000 btu or 1500 watts?

1 watt is equal to 3.41 btu/h. multiply 1 by 1500 and we get 1500 watts. multiply 3.41 by 1500 and we get 5115btu/h. Therefore we can come to the conclusion that 1500 watts < 45000 btu. 45000btu/h is higher than over 10 times 1500 watts.simplified answer = 45000 btu is hilariously higher than 1500 watts.-Tychusfindlay919P.S. if you meant 4500 btu/h then 1500 watts is higher

What is the prime factor of 200 with the prime factor being larger then 200?

There are no factors of 200, prime or otherwise, that are larger than 200.

Is LIBOR normally higher or lower than the US prime interest rate?

It is normally higher than the US prime interest rate.

What is the prime factorization of 467?

467 is a prime number having no prime factor other than 467.

What is a prime number factor of 42 less than 10 factor of 70?

2 and 7 are prime numbers less than 10 that are factors of 42 and 70.

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