Is 1 Kg to 1liter

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Is 1 Kg to 1liter
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How much does 1liter of milk weigh in kg?

i think 1 litre of milk = 0.97kg of milk

How much 1liter of water equal 1kg of bag of ice cubes?

A 1 kg bag of ice will be larger than 1 liter (ice expands), but when melted, will be 1 liter of water.

How many kilograms equal 1liter?

Assuming fresh water with density 1 gm/cc or 1 gm/ml 1 liter = 1000 milliliter 1 liter = 1000 millilter x 1 gm/ml = 1000 gm = 1 kg Answer 1 kg

18.9 litres of water equals how many pounds?

firstly 1liter of water = 1 kg so 18.9 kg = 41.667368 pounds

What is bigger 1quart or 1liter?

1 liter

What fraction of 1 kiloliters is 1liter?


How many kg are in 1 liter of avocado oil?

1liter of olive oil = 0,92kg1 litre of water = 1 kgNot plural (kilograms), not even 1.0 kg, but less than 1.0 kg in one litre of olive oil.

What fraction of 1liter is 1 milliliter?

1 milliliter is 1/1000 of 1 liter.

How many milliliters are in 1liter?

1 litres = 1000 millilitres

How many cm3 are there in 1liter?

1000 cm3 = 1 litre

How many ml in 1liter?

there are 1000 ml in 1 liter.

What is larger 1liter or 1 quart?

A US quart is 1.102 litres