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Q: Is 1 forth smaller than 1 fifth?
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Related questions

What are 4 Fractions that are less than 1 forth?

1 fifth 1 sixth 1 seventh 1 eighth

Which fraction is bigger 1 forth or 2 fifth?

2/5 is 60% more than 1/4 .

Is one fourth greater then one fifth?

Yes one fourth is greater then one fifth, the higher the denominator the smaller the number. For example 1/12 is smaller than 1/4.

Which is smaller 1 tenth or 1 fifth?

1/10 is smaller.

What is a fraction bigger than 1 forth but smaller than 1 third?

23/83 is one of infinitely many possible answers.

Is one fifth bigger than five twelfths?

No, 1/5 is a fair amount smaller than 5/12

Why do you call a fifth a liquor a fifth?

Because it is one-fifth of a gallon (slightly smaller than a quart). Now most liquor in the US is now sold in 750mL bottles (approximately 1/5 gallon), but the name "fifth" has stuck.

Is three fifth of an inch smaller than a half an inch?

No because 3/5 = 0.6 and 1/2 = 0.5

Is one and one fifth bigger than the decimal 1.50?

No. If you have 1 and add 1/5 it would be smaller than having 1 and adding .50 to it because .50 is equal to 50% or half.

Is -1 smaller than 1?

-1 is smaller than 1

Is one and one fifth greater than one fifth?

YES. 1 1/5 is greater than 1/5.

What is larger 1 quarter or 1 fifth?

1 quarter is 25% larger than 1 fifth.

Which fractions are smaller than one fifth?

There are an infinite number of answers to this question.1/5 = 0.2So any fraction which equals less than 0.2 will be smaller.Just one example would be 1/6.

Is the fraction 34 smaller than 45?

34 is not a fraction, neither is 45. but 3/4 is smaller than 4/5 and 1/34 is smaller than 1/45 and 0.34 is smaller than 0.45...

What fraction is greater than three fifth and less than three fifth?

There many answers. Here is a way to determine if another fraction is less than or greater than 3/5. Convert 3/5 to decimal 5 divided into 3 equals 0.6 (3/5=0.6). So 3/4=0.75 is larger and 5/7=0.7142 is larger. Also 1/4=0.25 is smaller and 4/7=0.5714 is smaller.

What is 1 teaspoon smaller than?

Teasoon is smaller than tablespoon

What is Computer bases information system?

Q:1 What is difference between Forth Generation & Fifth Generation computers

What is computer based information system?

Q:1 What is difference between Forth Generation & Fifth Generation computers

Which is smaller 1 out of 8 or 1 out of 7?

1/8 is smaller than 1/7

Is smaller 1 yard or 1 meter?

1 yard is smaller than a meter.

A probability can be no larger than what and no smaller than what?

A probability can be no larger than 1 and no smaller than 0.

Is 12 mm bigger or smaller than 1 cm?


Is 1 half greater than 1 fifth?


Is a 0.85 oz bigger than a 3.4 oz?

0.85 is smaller than 1. 3.4 is bigger than 1. "Bigger than 1" is bigger than "smaller than 1".

What fractions are smaller than 1 over 10?

1 over ten is equal to 0.1, so all fractions who represent a number smaller then 0.1 are smaller than 1 over 10.