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1 Half is bigger than 1 third because if you get a piece of paper and draw the fraction, you will see the difference between them.

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Q: Is 1 half less than 1 third?
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Is 1 3 less than 1 2?

A third is less than a half, if that's what you meant

What is one third less than one half?


When is 1 half set less than 1 third set?

That depends on that is in your set. ( However, 1/3 is always less than 1/2. )

Is one half less than one third?

No. .5 (1/2) is larger than .33 (1/3).

Is 1 half or 1 third bigger?

A half is bigger than a third.

One third less than 1?

1/3 < 1 = One third (1/3) is less than one(1).

Is 2 fifths more or less than 1 half?

2 fives is less than 1 half

Is one half cup and one third equal two thirds?

no, it will be slightly bigger, 1 half is 1/6 larger than 1 third so 1 half and a third is 1/6 larger than 2/3

When is 1 third larger than 1 half?

Never. A third is 0.33% and a half is 50%. Their is never an occasion when this is untrue.

Is 04 greater than 1 half?

no its .46 less than half

Is 4over8 greater than half but less than 1?

No : 4 over 8 equals one half and so is not greater. It is less than 1 .

Is 1 third greater than less than or equal to 3 thirds?

one third is less then 3 thirds

What fraction is greater than one-fourth but less than one-half?

3/8 is greater than 1/4 and less than 1/2.

What is less than half and more than quarter?

one third - is only one answer any value of x such that 1/4 < x < 1/2 or 0.25 < x < 0.5

What is greater than 1 half but less than 1?


What is a fraction less than 1 half?


Is one tenth more or less than half?

1/10 is less than 1/2 because 0.1 is less than 0.5

Is 1 4 less than 1 2?

1/4 is less than 1/2. 1/4 is half of 1/2.

What is less than 1 pint?

half pint

Is 1 quarter less than a half?


Is one and a third more then one and less then tow?

Yes 1 and 1/3 is more than 1 but less than 2

What measure less than 1 pint?

Half a pint measures less.

What is a example of 1 cm?

About half, or one third, the width of a typical finger. The thickness of a pencil or pen might be a little less than a cm.

Is 0.50 greater or less than 1?

0.5 is half of 1.

Is one fourth less than one third?

Yes, 1/4th is less then 1/3rd.