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yes, twice as big

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Q: Is 1 third greater than 1 sixth?
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Related questions

Is one five sixth greater than one third?

Yes it is greater than 1/3

Is one third greater than three sixth?

No. 3/6 = 1/2, and 1/2 is greater than 1/3.

What is greater 1 sixth or 1 third?

one third because its a less amount than the six even though its taking out the same amount from both

Is negative 3 sixth greater than negative 1 sixth?


What is greater than two sixth.?


Is one fourth greater this one sixth?

Yes, 1/4 is greater than 1/6

What fraction is greater than one sixth?


Is 1 and one sixth greater than 1 and five eighteenths?

No, it is smaller.

Is 3 fourth greater than or less than 1 third?


Which is greater one sixth or one quarter?

one sixth = 1/6 = 0.16667 one quarter = 1/4 = 0.25 obviously one quarter is greater than one sixth

How does one sixth compare to two thirds?

two thirds are 4 times greater than 1 sixth

What is greater 1sixth or 1 eighth?

The greater the denominator the smaller its value. Since eight is greater than six the value of 1eighth is lesser than 1 sixth. Another way of saying, 1 eighth is nothing but dividing 1 into eight equal parts and 1 sixth is dividing into six equal parts. Obviously the 1 sixth part will be greater than one eighth. For eg. if you share a cake equally with eight friends, the slice be will smaller than when you share equally with six friends.

Is one third greater than 1 and six ninths?

1 and 69th is greater

Is one sixth greater than one third but less than two thirds?

One sixth is one piece of something that has been split into 6 pieces. One third is one piece of something that has been split into only 3 pieces. So each of the six pieces would be smaller than 1/3 of the original something. So one sixth (or 1/6 as a fraction) is LESS than one third and so is also less that two thirds (2/3).

Is 1 and one sixth greater than 1 and one ninth 1 and one tenth and 1?


Is 1and 1 third greater then 45 inches?

No, 1 and 1 third inches is not greater than 45 inchesBut then again, 1 and 1 third miles is greater than 45 inches.

Is two sixth greater that four sixth?

No because 2/6 is less than 4/6 or 1/3 is less than 2/3

Is one sixth greater than or less than five sixth?

One of anything is less than five of the same thing.

Is two eighths greater than sixth eighths?

No. 6 is greater than 8. 2/8 =1/4, 6/8=3/4.

Is one sixth greater than three fourths?

No because 1/6 is less than 3/4

What is higher six ones or one sixth?

The fraction 6/1 is of course greater than 1/6.

Is five twelfths greater than less than or equal to one third?

one third is equal to 4 /12ths so 5/12ths is greater than 1/3rd

Is 1 third greater than 2 fifths?

well, 1 third is the same as 2 sixths which is less than 2 fifths. =)

Is one sixth greater than two twelfth?

1/6 and 2/12 are the same

Explain how is one third bigger than 30%?

1/3 is 0.33 and 30% is .3. So, 1/3 is bigger than 30%.