Is 2468 a prime number

Updated: 10/18/2022
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2468 is not a Prime number because it has more than twofactors.

Points to remember!

1-Every number except 0 is divisible by itself.

2-Every number is divisible by 1.

3-It means every number except 0 and 1 has minimum two factors.

Therefore, 2468 has factors: 1 and 2468.

In order to show that given number is not prime there is no need to find all the factors we just have to show that it has more than two factors.

2468 is also divisible by 2, which means that 2 is also a factor of 2468(more than two factors).

Therefore, 2468 is not a prime number.

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Q: Is 2468 a prime number
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