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No. 2/3 is a fraction.

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Q: Is 2 over 3 the same as a wnole number?
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What does 2 um over 2 um mean?

it means 1. Any number over the same number is 1.

What does 2 um 2 um mean?

it means 1. Any number over the same number is 1.

What is 23 over 2 the same as a mixed number fraction.?

11 and a half

What number can be put under 1 or over 4 and have the same value?


Is the fractions 2 over 3 and 2 over 6 the same?

No, the fractions 2 over 3, and 2 over 6 the same? No, they are not the same. 2 over 6 is the same as 1 over 3. 2 over 3 is the same as 4 over 6. Smile.

Can 2 over 2 be simplified?

yes it can be simplified and when you do simplify is 1 whole, and the trick is that any number that is over the same number is going to be simplified to 1 whole

What is the mixed number 9 with 2 over 5 as a decimal?

9 and 2/5 is the same as 9.40.

How do you solve a number to the negative power?

it's the same as 1 over the same number to a positive power. 2 to the power -3 = 1/ 2 cubed = 1/8

What is 2 over 5 divided by negative mixed number 5 over 2?

That's the same as 2/5 x -2/5 = -4/25

Is there an unlimited number of rings you can get in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

Yes. Just run the same levels over and over.

What fractions are 4 over 4 equal to?

1, 2/2,3/3, 100/100, number / same number

How do you simplify 2 over 8 and get the denominator as a prime number?

2/8 = 1/4 0.5/2 has the same ratio.

Is taking ยฝ of a number is the same as dividing by ยฝ?

No, taking ½ of a number is the same as dividing it by 2. Dividing a number by ½ is the same as multiplying it by 2.

What is 3 over 2 as mix number?

3 over 2 as a mixed number is 1 and 1 over 2.

Is .22222222.a rational or irrational number?

If it ends there, it is rational. If it continues with the same digit (2 in this case) over and over, it is also rational.

What fraction is the same as 4 over 8?

1/2 or one over two. Or any number where the denominator is double of numerator.

How do you subtract mixed number with whole number?

To subtract a mixed number from a whole number, first you must make them both fractions. For example, if the problem is 12 and one half - 5, you would multiply 12 by 2, getting 24, and add one, making 25 over 2. Then, just put 5 over one. Now, you must have the 2 bottom numbers be the same, so you have to find the common denominator. The common denominator would be 2, so you leave 25 over 2 the same and change 5 over one to have a denominator of two. To do this, multiply one by two to get 2, and do the same to 5 to get 10. Now you have 25 over 2 - 10 over 2. Subtract the two top numbers to get 15 over 2. To make this a mixed number, divide 15 by 2 to get 7.5, which in mixed number form is 7&1/2.

Is 2 over 3 equal to 3 over 2 and why?

No. 2 over 3 is the same as 2/3 = 0.66667 while 3 over 2 is the same as 3/2 = 1.5

What is 5 over 2 as a mixed number?

5 over 2 as a mixed number is 21/2

What is 31 over 2 as a mixed number?

31 over 2 as a mixed number = 151/2

If you have 2 atoms have the same number of protons but differernt number what will they have the same?

They will have the same atomic number.

Is .4 over .8 rational or itrational?

.4/.8 is the same as 1/2 which is a rational number

What fractions are equivalent to 1 over 5?

2 over 10, 3 over 15 you have to times the top and bottom by the same number to get an equivalent fraction

What is 188 over 2 as a mixed number?

188 over 2 is a whole number: 94

How do you write 45 over 2 as a mixed number?

45 over 2 as a mixed number = 221/2