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Q: Is 2 quarts bigger or smaller than 2 pints?
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Are pints bigger than quarts?

No. Pints are smaller than quarts. There are two pints in a quart.

Is fifteen pints bigger or smaller than eight quarts?

8 quarts = 16 pints, Therefore 15 pints is smaller then eight quarts.

Is 8 quarts bigger or smaller than 15 pints?


Is 4 pints bigger or smaller than 2.5 quarts?


Is 15 pints bigger than 8 quarts?

15 pints is bigger than 8 quarts. 15 pints is one more pint than needed to be equal with 8 quarts.

What is bigger 6 quarts or 2 pints?

6 quarts is way bigger than 2 pints because 6 quarts is actually 12 pints.

Do you multiply or divide to get from Pints to quarts?

Multiplying will get you a bigger number. Dividing will get you a smaller number. The quart is bigger than the pint, so there will be fewer quarts. You want to divide.

Is 8 quarts bigger than 15 pints?

Yes. 8 quarts is 16 pints.

Which is bigger than a gallon 4 pints 14 cups 5 quarts or 7 pints?

Of those, only 5 quarts is bigger than a gallon.

9 quarts or 16 pints which is bigger?

9 quarts is equivalent to 18 pints. Therefore, 9 quarts is greater than 16 pints.

Is 16 quarts bigger than 8 pints?

Yes, it is bigger.

Is 12 pints bigger than 12 quarts or smaller?

1 pint = 1/2 quart. So any number of pints is 1/2 the size of the same number of quarts.

Are 15 pints bigger than 8 quarts?


Is 12 pints bigger than 12 quarts?

No it is not.

Is 6 pints bigger than 3 quarts?

1 quart= 2 pints 2 quarts=4 pints 3 quarts=6 pints and so forth...

Is 15 pints more than 8 quarts?

8 quarts is bigger

Is 3 pints bigger then 2 quarts?

No. There are 2 pints in each quart of liquid measure. Therefore, 2 quarts equals 4 pints, so 2 quarts (liquid measure) is bigger than 3 pints.

Is 12 quarts bigger than 7 pints?

1 quart = 2 pints 12 quarts = 24 pints 7 pints is 7 pints You decide

Is 4 quarts bigger than 10 pints?

No. There are two pints to a quart, so eight pints equals four quarts. And eight is less than ten.

What is more 4 quarts or 12 pints?

(4 quarts) x (2 pints per quart) = 8 pints8 pints is less than 12 pints, so 12 pints is more bigger and greater than 4 quarts.

Is 4 quarts bigger than 5 pints and 12 cups?

No, 5 pints and 12 cups= 5.5 quarts.

Is 8 quarts bigger than 16 pints?

There equal

Which is greater 25 pints or 13 quarts?

13 quarts = 26 pints. That's more than 25.

What is bigger 3pints or 6quarts?

Six quarts is a larger amount of liquid. Quarts are larger than pints and there are two pints in a quart. Three pints are only one and a half quarts and six quarts are twelve pints.

Is 3 quarts greater than 8 pints?

8 pints is equal to 16 cups. 3 quarts is equal to 6 pints, which is equal to 12 cups. Therefore, 3 quarts is not bigger than 8 pints.