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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Is 2 whole number 1 over 4 a rational number?
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Related questions

Is -10 a rational number?

Yes. -10 = -10/1 which is of the form of one whole number over another whole number. Rational numbers have the form of one whole number over another whole number. Thus -10 is rational.

What is -13 over a whole number?

If the whole number is one of {-13, -1, 1, 13} then the answer is a whole number. Otherwise it is a rational fraction.

Is a rational number the same as a whole number?

All whole numbers are rational but only certain rational numbers are whole. If the number is both positive and if the rational number simplifies to a number over 1, it is whole. For example 6/2 simplifies to 3 and is thus whole. However, 5/2 is rational but not whole.

Can fractions be rational?

Yes. In fact, most factions are rational. For example, 4/5 is rational, 9/234 is rational, 1/998001 is rational, any whole number over a whole number is rational.

Is the number 1 a rational number?

All whole numbers (integers) are rational because they can be written as the number over 1. 1 = 1/1 so it can be written as a fraction so is rational.

Are rational numbers whole numbers also?

Some are, but all are not. 2/1 is rational and whole but 1/2 is rational and not whole. So the answer is a rational number is not necessarily a whole number.

Are whole numbers rational show why or why not?

yes because you can always put a whole number over something (the definition of an irrational number being that it can not go over something) for example you can say 1/1 which proves that 1 is a rational number.

Is 1 over six rational irrational natural number whole number or an integer?

One over six is an integer divided by an integer.That is the definition of a rational number.

Is the number negative 1 rational or irrational?

it's rational... take any whole number and put it over a one (a fraction with one as the denominator)... voila! it's a rational number.. -1 would be -1/1

Is negative one a whole number rational number and an integer?

-1 is all of an integer, a whole number, and a rational number.

Is 89 over 1 rational or irrrational?

Any number that can make a fraction with whole numbers on top and bottom is rational. 89 is a whole number, and so is ' 1 ', so it looks like you've nicely succeeded in defining a rational number.

Is 16 an irrational?

No.16 = 16/1 which is of the form of 'one whole number' over 'another whole number' which is the form of a rational number.

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