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less than

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Q: Is 3 qt greater than less than or equal to 1 gal?
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Is 4 gal equal to greater than or less than 8 pt?

greater than

Is 12 gal greater less or equal to 50 qt?

it is equal

Do 8qt is greater than or less 3 gal?

Less than. 8 qt = 2 gal.

Is 1 gal less greater or equal to 15 c?

1 gallon is greater than 15 cups1 gallon = 16 cups

Is 5qt greater or less then 1gal?

1 gal = 4 qt 5 qt is more than that.

Is 12 gal greater than 50 qt?


Is 400 pts greater than 100 gal?

No. It takes 800 pints to equal 100 gallons.

Is 6 pt greater than 1 gal?

No. 8 pints is one gallon. 6 is less than that (obviously)

Is 17 qt less greater or equal to 4 gal?

17 quarts is greater than 4 gallons1 gallon = 4 quarts4 gallons = 4 gallons * 4 quarts/1 gallon = 16 quarts

Can 5 qt or 1.25 gal greater or less then?


Is 400 pt less or greater than 100 gal?

There are 8 pints to one gallon. 400 pints is 50 gallons- which is less than 100 gallons.

Is 3 gal greater than 25 pints?

3 gallons = 12 pints, so it's less than 25 pints.

Is 17 qt greater than 4 gal?


Is 15 pt greater than 2 gal?


Is 400 pt greater than 100 gal?


Is 3 gal greater than 6 L?


How many gal in a qt?

way less than 1.. gal is bigger than qt.... -> 1 gal to qt

Is 400 pints greater then 100 gal?

400 pints is 50 gallons.

How many kg do 5000 gal equal?

5,000 gal of what? Gallons (gal) are a measure of volume. Kilograms (Kg) are a measure of mass. Therefore, the density ("specific gravity") of the material being measured matters. 5,000 gal of a relatively dense material (e.g. Mercury, Hg) will have a greater mass in Kg than 5,000 gall of a less-dense material (e.g. Water, H20).

Is 1 gal greater or less than 100fl oz?

1 US gallon = 128 fluid ounces. That's more than 100 fl oz.

Which is greater 1 gal or 15 c?

1 gal is greater

Is six gallons greater than 24 quarts?

Convert to the same units then a comparison can be made. 1 gal = 4 qt → 6 gal = 6 x 4 qt = 24 qt Therefore 6 gallons is NOT greater than 24 quarts. In fact 6 gallons is equal to 24 quarts.

Is 1 gal greater than 15c?

Yes, 1 gallon is 16 cups, which is greater than 15 cups.

Is a quart greater than a gallon?

no 1 gal = 4 qt

Is 15 qt greater than 3 12 gal?