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40 is larger than 06 which is the same as 6

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Q: Is 40 larger or smaller than 06?
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What is larger than one fifth but smaller than one fourth?


The larger of two numbers is 8 more than 4 times the smaller if the larger number is increased by four times the smaller the result is 40?

The larger of two numbers is 8 more than 4 times the smaller if the larger number is increased by four times the smaller the result is 40. From this statement, we can calculate the values of the numbers where you get the value of the larger number to be 24 and that of the smaller number to be 4.

Will margins of error for sample of size 80 be larger or smaller than those for sample size of 40?

They should be smaller for the sample size 80.

How many times smaller is 4 than 40?

4 is 10 times smaller than 40.

When is Fahrenheit lower then Celsius?

After -40 degrees. At -40 degrees, the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are equal. A temperature greater than -40 in Celsius will be smaller than its equivalent in Fahrenheit, but below -40 degrees Fahrenheit, its equivalent in Celsius will be larger.

What number is larger the 12 but smaller then 40?


Is 25m larger or smaller than 1 km?

One kilometre is equal to 1000 metres. This is 40 times greater than 25 metres.

The sum of two numbers is 77 the larger number is 3 more than the smaller number find the numbers?

37 and 40

What numbers are smaller factors or multiples?

It depends on what they are compared to. In general, factors will be smaller than the number they are compared to, and multiples will be larger. Overall, factors tend to be smaller than multiples, but 20 is a factor of 40 and 10 is a multiple of 5, so there are exceptions.

Is 0.25 greater then 0.4?

No, 0.25 is smaller than 0.40, the easiest way to tell is to ignore the 0. at the beginning, 25 is smaller than 40 so 0.25 is smaller than 0.40

Are larger of two numbers is 8 more than four times the smaller if the larger is increased by four times smaller the result is 40?

First of all you need serious help with your grammar, more than your math. I will try to make sense of what you wrote. 24 and 4 are the numbers you are looking for.

Which is a bigger handgun a 40 caliber or a 45 caliber?

Either platform can be larger than the other. The 45 has the larger projectile. Caliber is defined as the diameter in fractions of an inch, so .40 caliber is smaller in diameter than .45 caliber. Caliber can also be defined in the metric system, measured in milimeters. The .40 caliber cartridge is equivalent to 10mm in diameter. As noted, the size of a handgun can vary widely within one caliber, so it is perfectly reasonable to have a smaller handgun crafted in a larger caliber.

How many times larger is 40000 than 40?


What is the fortieth percentile?

It is the value of the variable such that 40 percent of observations are smaller and 60 percent are larger.

What is the difference of two numbers is 40 Six times the smaller one minus the larger one is 5 what is the larger number?

The smaller number is 9 . You should certainly be able to handle it from there.

What is the value of the Roman numeral XL?

40. (X=10, L=50. A 1 or 10-multiple letter placed BEFORE a larger number subtracts from it. This applies only to the next two larger numbers, a 5-value and a 10-value.) XL = 40, L = 50, XC = 90, C =100 (but not IC, VC, or LC)40. When a larger number is preceded by a smaller, the smaller is subtracted from the larger. Since L, which is 50, is preceded by X, which is 10, the answer is 50-10=40.

Is 2 mi bigger or smaller than 3500 yd?

Smaller... by 40 yards.

What is ten times larger than 4?


What Prime number bigger than 35 but smaller than 40?

It is 37

What is Prime number bigger than 35 but smaller than 40?

It is 37

In Roman numerals what does placing a smaller number before a larger number mean?

It indicates that you should subtract the smaller number from the larger one to determine the number. For example: IV = 4 (I less than V, 1 less than 5) IX = 9 (I less than X, 1 less than 10) XL = 40 (X less than L, 10 less than 50)

What is the largest prime number smaller than 40?


How much larger is 400 than 40?


What angle is between SE and S?

That depends. The smaller angle is 40 degrees and the larger angle is 315 degrees.

How do i subtract 110-150?

The answer to the problem is -40. When you subtract a larger number from a smaller number, the result is a negative number.