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44 is greater than 86/2 which is 43

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Q: Is 44 more or less than half of 86?
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What is the difference between a 44 colt and a 44-40?

44 Colt not produced since 1940. Less than half the energy of the 44-40 44-40 still in production.

Is 5 centimeters more than 44 centimeters?

No. 5 (of anything) is always less than 44.

Is 44 liters equal more or less than 44000 milliliters?

They are equal.

What is Ten more than half the number y is 54 what number is y?

y=88 88/2=44 44+10=54

What does 44 half dollar coins equal?

44 half dollar coins equals 22 dollars face value (value of the coins may be worth more than 50 cents each).

Is 250 of 44 less than 100 greater than 100 but less than 150 or greater than 150?

250 of 44 is much greater than 150.

What is the number 44-?

Some words that describe the number 44 are: even, composite, whole number, counting number, positive integer, less than 50, more than 25, etc.

What are the multiples of 44 that are less than 87?

The only one is 44 itself.

What is a number that has 2 digits less than 10 the tenths digit is one more than the ones digit nad the digits add up to 7?


Which is greater 0.4 or 44?

44 is a whole number 0.4 is less than 1 44

Is 44-30 less than 1?


What number is 10 less than 54?

54-10=44 so that is the answer:44

Is a 44 magnum more powerful a 500 caliber?

the 500 caliber is reported to have about 3 times the knockdown energy as the .44 magnum at 100 yards; but, for me, if I had to choose between the two, I'd still stick with the .44 magnum as its more than enough to stop large game animals and the price of the ammo is much less--also, much less recoil.

What is 12 percent less than 50?

44 is.

When I halve it the result is 20 less than 44. What is the number?


What is 44 hundredths less than 2.876?

It is 2.436

The ring costs more than 40 but less than 50 It takes the same number of 10 bills and 1 dollar bills to buy the ring?


Which is more powerful a 45 or a 44?

A 44 magnum is more powerful than a 45calibur

What number is half as much as 44?

half 44 = 22

Why 0.4 is less than 44 percent?

tbh.. I do not know

What is 18 less than a number c is 45?


What is a number less than 100 and more than 44 and is divisible by 5 and 8?

5 times 8 is 40 but doesn't fit the range, so double it and you get 80.

What number is greater than 43 and less than 52 and the sum is 8?


What is half of 44?

0.5 x 44 = 22

Number greater than 44 less than 51?

A number greater than 44 and less than 51 could include 45,46,47,48,49 or 50.