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Its commutative property of addition

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How do you know that?
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Q: Is 4 plus 2 equals 2 plus 4 a associative propertybof addition?
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Is 7 plus 15 equals 15 plus 7 a commutative addition or associative addition problem?

15 -7 = 8

What property does (54 plus 23) plus 87 equals 54 (23 plus 87) show?

Assuming that there is a "plus" after the second 58, the answer is - the associative property of addition.

What property is this (78 plus 54) plus 46 78 plus (54 plus 46)?

It is the associative property of addition.

Is x plus y equals y plus x the associative property?

No, this is the commutative property. For addition, the associative property is: x + (y + z) = (x + y ) + z

Is associative property like 67 plus 4 equals 4 plus 67?

Yes. This only works for multiplication and addition.

Is 3 plus 10 equals 10 plus 3 commutative or associative of distributive?


9 plus 8 plus 1 equals 9 plus 1 plus 8 is it true or false?

True. Addition of natural numbers obeys associative and commutative property.

What is the addition property for bracket 6 plus 1 bracket plus 8 equals 6 plus bracket 1 plus 8 bracket?

(6 + 1) + 8 = 6 + (1 + 8) is the associative property of addition

What is the name of the property for a plus b equals b plus a?

it is the associative property

6 plus 8 equals 2 3 plus 4 is this an associative property?


What is the property that says ab plus c equals ab plus ac?

associative property

Can you solve 5.5 plus (-2.3) plus (-5.5 plus 2.3) without performing any additions?

If you know that the associative property of addition means that the terms can be added in any order and that a number and its additive inverse equals zero, you can see that the terms cancel each other out and the whole thing equals zero, but I think that mental addition still qualifies as addition.